Digital Twin simulates a subway train station

The traditional command center dashboard is usually to display data in the 2D chart, bar, and other visual monitoring based on Web SCADA front-end technology. However, with the help of digital twins, we can now achieve much more than that.

Hightopo is a digital twin company, specialized in 3d data visualization. In this example project, we modelling the real scene of a subway station, as detailed to each door, smoke detector, elevator, camera, etc. In this full simulation, it allows us to intuitively monitoring station situation in real-time!

In order to help users navigate the subway station more intuitively and friendly, 3 interactive modes are provided:

Click the picture to preview scene


When we click on the camera, real-time video footage will popup.


data sent back from each elevator will trigger different animations.

Smoke Detector Alert

Digital twin received real-time data sent back from the physical smoke detector, it will async the status and show the alert effect on our digital twin model.

VR / Mobile / Tablet

Our digital twin solution is a lightweight web-based tech, which means our product can merge into our clients’ website or system with no limitation. And it’s cross-platform supported, mobile devices, tablets, even VR devices.

Hightopo — Everything you need to create a cutting-edge 2d&3d visualization

As the feature mentioned above, digital twin can achieve so much more than the traditional ways can do. With our technology and experience, we can help your organization do the digital transformation as smooth as possible.