Baronet Sir William Pigott-Brown Has Died Aged 79, Writes RICHARD KAY 

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In 1964, he was profiled for the Daily Mail alongside other notable single men including society photographer Tom Hustler, Brian Epstein, the Beatles' manager, and future Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath.

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After graduating from university — I studied psychology at Birmingham, and he trained in real estate at Reading — we both moved to London. I was particularly close to my cousin, Sam. We grew up more like siblings.

And the man presiding over it all, whose considerable inherited fortune and generosity kept the whole show on the road (until the money ran out) was Sir William himself, known as the ‘sporting baronet', a cross, if you like, between Biggles and Bertie Wooster.

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He died this week in South Africa, where he maintained a stylish home on Third Beach at Clifton, an affluent suburb of Cape Town where he was looked after by his devoted housekeeper Hazel and odd-job man Joe.

A butler called George was employed to take a wheelbarrow around the swimming pool collecting empty champagne bottles, drugs paraphernalia — amyl nitrate ‘poppers' were a big favourite — and discarded underwear.

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Pigott-Brown was neither conventionally good-looking nor devilishly clever, but he had considerable bravery — twice becoming the champion amateur jockey — and possessed an easy charm and warmth that made him lifelong friendships in a world where so many were superficial.

He also founded Browns, the iconic boutique on South Molton Street, had a quarter share in Island Records (which made Bob Marley a star), launched a theatrical agency, strong poppers poppers uk owned a Mayfair tailors and was publisher of a London magazine.

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