Xbox Scarlett: ray tracing hardware confirmed by the developer of Gears 5

In an interview, a developer of Gears 5 has returned to the future of the license, which will necessarily go through the next Xbox Scarlett, and its integrated ray tracing .

Introducing Project Scarlett at E3 2019, Microsoft has confirmed some features of its next gen console . So we know that the console will integrate well a disk drive , a very fast SSD storage, and especially the ray tracing . As a reminder, ray tracing is a more realistic calculation technique of light rays, drastically improving the graphics of a game , which was until there is little hard to calculate in real time. Nvidia has popularized real-time ray tracing with its GeForce RTX , and console manufacturers are getting ready to follow with AMD.

Hearts dedicated to ray tracing

The next Microsoft Xbox Scarlett and Sony PlayStation 5 will actually use again the graphics chips and processors of AMD , especially architecture NAVI. However, AMD graphics cards based on NAVI do not include ray tracing support , leaving hardware specialists puzzled over the integration of this technology on the consoles.In an interview with GameSpot , Colin Penty, technical art director for The Coalition (the studio behind Gears 5, a Microsoft game), was able to confirm that the next Xbox would have “  hearts dedicated to ray tracing” and was able to display all his enthusiasm for the new material his studio will be able to work on. The integration of ray tracing will be very material, and can be used by any game developer for Xbox Scarlett.

It remains to know the technical details to know how Microsoft and AMD have achieved this integration. The graphics chip of Xbox Scarlett could actually have an architecture halfway between NAVI and NAVI 2, the next architecture of AMD, which will offer for the first time ray tracing on graphics cards for PC. If this is not the case, this means that Microsoft engineers might have designed this additional ray tracing support next to NAVI with their hands . The firm has already designed custom chips for some of its products like Hololens or data servers, and would not be his first try. However, this theory is less likely, Sony is also based on a Navi graphics chip and also promised ray tracing for its PlayStation 5 .

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