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Here, you will know about the impeccable features of Zimbra and how you can access and work with it from home with the best service provider in India.

So, let us start.

Ever since the COVID pandemic situation, work from home has become the norm. Businesses are looking for effective means to cut costs without effecting the work scenario. So, considering that Zimbra email hosting enables to continue the work flow while utilizing the powerful, versatile and cost-effective nature, it’s much sought after.

Zimbra (also Zimbra Collaboration Suite) is a beautiful collaboration of email server and webmail client. It comes in two versions – Open Source and Network Edition.

Impeccable Features of Zimbra Mail

Zimbra offers various benefits that push businesses to opt for it especially when finances are involved.

  • Chat feature
  • Simultaneous messaging and Collaboration
  • Dynamic Document Management System
  • Calendar wizard with share capabilities
  • Content management
  • Encrypted email messaging (S/MIME & OpenPGP)
  • Managed Search tab
  • Ability to work both Online & Offline with Zimbra
  • Mailbox access from other devices such as smartphones
  • Administration console panel
  • Anti-spam feature & Antivirus embedded into the Zimbra suite
  • Built-in migration wizard to import data from MS Exchange and Domino
  • Ability to deploy Zimbra server on physical drive or as a software virtual appliance
  • VMware and KVM Hypervisor support
  • Smart filter options in Zimbra mailbox
  • Move irrelevant messages from Inbox to activity streams
  • Many standard collaborations like RSS / ATOM Feeds, Tags
  • Access attachments as read-only
  • Complete context interchange
  • SSL / TLS security support for account configuration
  • Able to link a message with external applications and web services like linking the Internet with Google, Yahoo, etc.

You can always visit the official Zimbra Website for more in-depth features essential for your business.

Now then it’s safe to say that Zimbra is suitable for small and medium businesses. But, in this pandemic environment, you will need to access Zimbra on the cloud so all employees can collaborate and work from home without any issues. We will solve this need for you as well in the next section.

Want a Service Provider for Zimbra in India? Get it Here!

Wherever there’s a need, there’s a way. You will find many companies providing Zimbra service. But the question is – Which is the best out there?

Well, we have the answer here for you.

NetforChoice is the top make-in-India data center company in India. It has a comprehensive portfolio that includes Zimbra hosting services. The company provides dual options:

  • Host Zimbra on cloud
  • Zimbra in your data center

With 99.995% uptime and ‘n’ number of other benefits, NetForChoice is the perfect company to choose as your service provider.

Why Choose NetForChoice?

Stress-Free Server Deployment

NFC houses enterprise-grade Zimbra servers in Tier-3 & Tier-4 data center locations. It provides automatic physical and network-level security. Plus, it ensures 99.995% uptime and high performance.

Also, you have the option to choose whether to host Zimbra on the cloud or control the infrastructure yourself. You can even choose Open source Zimbra or the Network edition to work with.

Hybrid Mail Service Available

With NFC, you can leverage the capabilities of a hybrid solution. It will definitely increase your workflow and dampen the workload. A hybrid solution i.e., G Suite Zimbra hybrid combines the power of Google Workspace and Zimbra Suite.

How does that help? Simple, the vendor can assign a Zimbra server for general users while Google Workspace will be assigned to a few users for high-end work. And throughout the domain name will remain the same for all. It is a cost-effective solution that caters to the complex needs of an organization.

So, if you want to assign service to employees as per their role, you can always go for the Hybrid solution instead of the normal Zimbra service.

Data Center Capabilities

Unlike general hosting firms, NetForChoice is a bonafide data center company in India. Thus, the security measures and servers are always at a high level.

The security measures of a Tier-IV firm include Turnstile gate, continuous monitoring, man-trap, NOC room, bio-metric access, surveillance video, and more.

Efficient Zimbra Services

Only expert personnel can manage an entire email server with utmost efficiency. You need the experience to handle the complexity of the Zimbra server.

With the NFC team, you will not only get through the complete planning process but also the perfect implementation of the server configuration and services. This Zimbra service provider will take care of such complexities and hence let your IT team focus on what’s essential to your business without any interruptions.

Expert Support

With NetForChoice, you will get 24/7 support all around the year. If you have any queries, you can always connect with the dedicated support team via call, chat or email.

So, Don’t Miss Out

It’s safe to say that Zimbra is one of the most popular collaboration suites right now. And its need has increased in the pandemic environment. By deploying Zimbra servers on the cloud, you can allow your employees to work from home and maintain the business flow.

Choosing the right server is crucial for a business. Even if it does not define the success in its entirety, it does affect the performance and henceforth the benefits you may gain from your business. So, if you are stuck between a dedicated server and a bare metal server, then read the article to know the difference between a bare metal server and a dedicated server.

What is dedicated and bare metal server?

Although dedicated servers and bare metal servers share many similarities, they are quite different from each other.

Dedicated server:

A dedicated server is used to host the site and applications of a single-tenant i.e., it is exclusive to a single tenant. Since it is a physical server machine, the tenant is in control of all the resources and hence can configure the server as per their requirements.

Unlike a shared server, the tenant does not share the space and resources with anyone. It also leads to a unique IP address. Dedicated server hosting is excellent for high-traffic websites, game servers, and other scenarios where performance is vital.

Bare Metal Server:

A bare-metal server is also a physical server dedicated to a single tenant. The difference is that there is no virtualization layer in the middle. It provides all the functionalities of a dedicated server but with certain enhancements and more refined protocols.

In short, you can say that bare metal is actually an upgrade to the traditional dedicated server.

Bare Metal Server vs Dedicated Server

The bare metal server has all of the advantages of a dedicated server, as well as some additional features that are unique to it. As for what they are, read them below:


Operation-wise, a dedicated server is less efficient and more time-consuming than bare metal. Bare metal was introduced to automate the provisioning process, thus reducing the time required to set up. You have absolute control over the software.


Bare metal comes with the latest technology available. It has a clear edge over a dedicated server in this regard. Intel Xeon processors, NVMe SSDS storage technology, bare metal is a package of the newest technology available.

Cost Flexibility

Dedicated server typically has monthly and yearly pricing plans. But bare metal offers a flexible billing structure to pay for exactly what you use. With this, you can increase the specs of your server during peak times, making it a scalable approach.

What is the advantage of bare metal servers?

Considering a hosting provider for bare metal server? Opt for Netforchoice – a Tier III data center company for cheap bare metal server hosting without compromising the server standards.

Bare metal presides over dedicated servers in a number of ways such as:

Better control

Bare metal offers total control over the physical server.

Better hardware

The bare-metal servers are equipped with cutting-edge technology that provides faster performance.

Better performance

You may optimize the physical server's resources for your company tasks with great processing power and a single-tenant environment, so it can entirely operate according to your unique requirements.

Due to the fact that you are not sharing resources with any other tenant, bare metal helps you avoid the “noisy neighbor effect.”

Better security

Bare-metal servers are more secure. The physical server is completely under the user's control, and accessing the memory or storage is easy.

Billing style

Bare metal has a flexible billing system when compared to a dedicated server. It can be deployed on-demand and also shut down on-demand, so you can use the extra help during peak hours of your site and pay for only what you use. It is definitely more scalable and cost-effective.

Dedicated server hosting in India is the most popular hosting environment for medium and large businesses, organizations, and high-traffic websites. Here, you will learn what exactly dedicated server entails and the best hosting provider for dedicated server in India.

What is dedicated server in hosting?

A dedicated server is a physical server that dedicates all of its resources to a single user. Dedicated Server in hosting allows you to take advantage of every resource available, such as RAM, storage, computing power, and so on. It’s different from your typical Shared Hosting servers, where resources are shared among users.

Is a dedicated server worth it?

There are many benefits of a dedicated server:

  • Dedicated resources – A tenant has exclusive use of all server resources as the server is dedicated to one personnel use.
  • Fast Site Speed – More resources automatically leads to a faster loading speed. It directly influences your page performance and is an important factor for SEO.
  • Server Customization – Regardless of your dedicated server hosting location, you have complete control over the host server. You can install any operating system, or applications as per your need.
  • Better Uptime – In shared environment, during peak hours, performance degrades. But, with dedicated server, your website runs smoothly because of better resources.
  • More Scalability – You can upgrade your server configuration easily. It is also possible to go down. You just need to request the host for it.
  • Better Security – Because a physical server is dedicated to a single tenant, it drastically reduces the risk factors. Some dedicated server hosting providers provide DDOS protection for superior security.
  • Cost-effective – Renting a server is very affordable. While you may think cloud shared services are cheaper, but considering the resources, traffic flow and performance, dedicated servers are far ahead.
  • Unique IP Address – A shared server is a computer that serves numerous clients from the same IP address. If one of the tenants starts spamming or using black hat SEO techniques, search engines may punish the IP address, affecting all of the websites on the server. A dedicated IP address is assigned to a company that chooses dedicated hosting. You don't have to be concerned about other tenants' activities because you're the only one in charge of the server's IP address.

Dedicated server hosting in India is typically used to host High-traffic websites, website and business apps, content streaming, podcasting, machine learning, big data, storage, infrastructure virtualization, and game servers.

What is the best dedicated server hosting provider in India?

Now that we have left behind the dedicated server benefits, it’s time to decide the best dedicated server hosting provider that can help you host your website in an affordable manner.

NetforChoice is definitely among the best dedicated server host in India. Whether its Windows dedicated server hosting in India or Linux server hosting, NFC is the go-to company.

Unlike other resellers, it is a data-center firm with Tier-III data center that automatically puts it among the top. It offers dedicated server in all major Indian cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Karnataka, Delhi, Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Telangana.

Features of Fully Managed Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in India:

  • Server Customization
  • Remote Power Cycle Management
  • Intrusion Prevention Services
  • 99.995% Uptime
  • Data Protection
  • Server Monitoring Services
  • Choose your Operating System
  • Managed Backup
  • World-Class Network
  • Intrusion Detection Services
  • On Demand IPMI/KVM Access
  • Hosting in Tier 3 or Tier 4 Datacenter
  • Console Server Management
  • DDoS Protection
  • Control Panel
  • Server Cluster
  • Managed Support
  • Load Balancer
  • IT Infra Scalability
  • 24/7 Live Email, Call & Chat Support

No concerns if the hosting requirements are complex or you are unsure where to begin. Our experts would gladly assist you in creating the ideal solution. You will be provided with the same server that meets your needs in order to streamline your business within the time limit given. Our Experts are here to answer any queries you may have regarding selecting a Windows server or a location.

Capitalize on Dedicated server now!

While dedicated server hosting in India is not for everyone, a company with a use case that necessitates dedicated hosting will likely be unable to function with any other hosting type. If your organization could benefit from the dedicated server advantages outlined above, you should consider deploying or renting a server that can meet your demands.