What is the American Dream?

Ever since most of us could somewhat comprehend our environments, we have been exposed to the American dream. We grow up hearing all about it. It seems to revolve around the lives of everyone we know or come across. What is the American dream?

If you are looking to write an essay on the American dream, it is essential to first understand what it encompasses. In a nutshell, this is the idea that the government is mandated to safeguard each individual's opportunity to pursue prosperity. To put it in other words, the government protects you along the journey to find and define your own happiness https://top-essay-company.com/.

The American dream allows Americans to dream and chase a better life. You are not required by law to follows your parent's occupation. The path you choose to take can and should only be yours, not defined by birth, race, religion, or gender.

History of the American Dream

The American dream is cemented in the Declaration of Independence. The constitution, since then, has always protected an individual's rights as they pursue their ambitions. It equally fosters creativity, where you can think outside the box to achieve what you desire.

The enactment started off focusing on white property owners. However, in the ideal of all men are created equal, it included all people who identified as Americans. One might argue that it significantly molded America's path through history.

Different presidents made different changes that entailed a more inclusive American dream. For instance, President Lincoln abolished slavery, while Woodrow supported women’s suffrage. From just these two examples, we can identify how slaves and women were includes in the dream.

Throughout the years, the American dream has prevailed its own fair share of changing times. It has also changed to accommodate the morphing ideals of its people. For example, do Americans define prosperity and success the same way they did at the Declaration? Is it still about safeguarding opportunities or acquiring material possessions?

Is the American Dream Still Alive?

This is undoubtedly a recurrent question that seems to split opinions starkly. This is a question that can be answered by looking at the national economic growth. Over time, it would seem that the dream is still very much alive for some. The 21st century has seen the highest influx of Americans into the dollar billionaire list. However, it would seem that the gap between the rich and the poor has also grown its widest in recent history.

More and more Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck. Most of them are engulfed in debt that they have no idea if they can afford to pay off. It would seem that the compelling vision is slowly waning for the majority of the populace. Hence, could the dream be alive if it is dead for most?

Looking at the preceding subheadings gives you a gist of what the American dream encapsulates. This should guide you in writing your essay from your won perspective.