The fickle youth is also like a flower falling

How many people have bloomed in the youth

How harmful is indoor air pollution to the human body?

“Indoor air pollution means that the indoor air quality of harmful substances exceeds the standard due to a variety of factors, thus endangering the health of the individual indoor environmental pollution behavior. Harmful substances include indoor formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon and other radioactive substances. With the aggravation of lg puricare wearable air purifier pollution level, people feel caused by subhealth state reflecting and even endangering personal safety. It is one of the physical hazards that are gaining more and more attention.

Indoor air pollution caused by the hazards

I. The key of organic chemical pollution comes from the building decoration materials applied to complete building decoration in the room, such as: composite panels, various paints, architectural coatings, adhesives and office furniture, etc. The key pollutants are indoor formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other substances and inorganic compounds such as ammonia, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Second, the key to physical pollution from the building itself, granite, part of the bathroom sanitary ware and electrical products, etc., the key pollutants are radioactive elements and electromagnetic wave radiation.

Third, microbial pollution is mainly caused by the wetter and colder moldy walls and blankets in the residence, and the key pollutants are germs and pathogenic bacteria.

What are the dangers of gas pollution?

Indoor air pollution is included in the top ten hazards to people's physical and mental health along with high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia and obesity diseases. Indoor environmental pollution has long caused 35.7% of respiratory diseases, 22% of chronic lung diseases and 15% of bronchitis, acute bronchitis and liver cancer. Indoor air pollution has long become one of the five environmental elements that are more harmful to the physical and mental health of the public. Information from China's inspection data shows that in recent years in China's chemical properties, physics, and potential pollution are all on the rise. In China every year by indoor air pollution caused by the excess amount of deaths up to 111,000 people, excess hospital outpatient number 220,000 people, the number of super guest emergency department 4.3 million people, more serious indoor air pollution has also caused a lot of property damage.

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環境汚染を防げば、心臓が守られる! 部屋での調理によるキッチンの煙を減らすことで、病気を予防することができます

Jeder zusätzliche Hauch von Umweltverschmutzung kann zu tödlichen Krankheiten führen

Health hazards of geographical environmental elements

Women's autumn health cover these 4 parts to make you comfortable a whole autumn

The autumn breeze must be careful to keep the body warm, especially for women, to pay attention to the two feet, knees, shoulders, and the back 滴雞精幾時飲, navel area of warmth, to prevent the cool air invasion of the body caused by disease.

What parts of women should pay attention to keep warm in autumn?

Warm one, two feet

If the feet are cold, then the whole body will experience the cold, the feet will be cold to reduce resistance and immunity. In the palms of the feet there are five organs and six reflex zones, once cold will cause the corresponding parts of 滴雞精比較 the capillaries in the case of closing. Especially for women with cardiovascular disease, it is important to keep both feet warm to prevent accidents. Apply boiling water foam feet every night before going to bed, can promote the blood circulation system of the legs to avoid the invasion of cool air.

Keeping warm two, back

In the back there is the Governor's vein, cold words will endanger the Qi and blood of the Governor's vein. Especially for groups with poor respiratory tracts, they are very prone to bronchitis cough and asthma, and can even progress to chronic bronchitis. The Governor's Vessel is in the middle of the back and suffers from cold wind erosion which causes the 滴雞精推薦 Yin deficiency of the Governor's Vessel and weakens the role of the whole body, making it very easy to feel cold in the body. The abdomen with the vein to the region at the same time on both sides of the kidney function, when the cold will deplete the kidney qi, which will cause back pain and menstrual disorders.

Keeping warm three, knee and neck area

Despite the fall, but some women still wear ultra-short skirts or ultra-short pants, etc., bone and joint parts have been suffering from cold wind stimulation, very prone to stabbing pain, resulting in rheumatism. In the back of the head area is dotted with many capillaries and its nervous system, when cold is very easy to get a fever and cold and will cause the neck blood vessels to close, not for the brain to give plenty of blood night.

Keep warm four, navel

Belly button area of the skin is very lacking, and there are a lot of nervous system plexus, if the fall did not do a good job to keep the navel area warm words may let the cold erode the body internal, causing gastrointestinal disorders, causing cold diarrhea and lower abdominal pain, etc.. It is best for women not to wear belly button outfits or low waist pants.

What food can women eat in autumn to resist the cold?

1, mutton and eggs

Autumn can eat more beef, can enhance the body's heat, to help resist the cold, to reduce lumbago, wind chill cough, weak and cold and abdominal cold pain, etc., with the role of kidney protection and anti-freezing. Raw eggs are also a very good choice, with protein food and soy lecithin, which can give heat and body fat to the body. In addition, you can also eat more chicken breast, chicken is classified as hot food, protein is also particularly colorful.

2, pure honey and iron rich ingredients

Pure honey has sufficient calcium, iron, zinc, manganese and other nutritional elements. Drinking a glass of honey and lemon water three hours before going to bed each night can help you sleep and also relieve severe constipation. In addition, it is also advisable to eat more iron colorful ingredients, because iron participates in the hematopoietic function, blood cells in the blood night to assist in the transport and metabolism of o2, can convert the body's body fat protein into heat, and thus give enough o2.

Warm reminder

In autumn, we should do a good job of keeping our bodies warm to prevent getting cold, and for women suffering from bronchitis and asthma should adjust their clothes and pants according to the change in temperature, because they are very sensitive to the change in temperature and environmental humidity, which can easily cause illness.

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How to identify themselves whether the new crown pneumonia? The doctor suggests: to identify with these 3 kinds of disease

How to identify the new crown pneumonia, in fact, we have to identify with the most common two kinds of disease this season, some good friends no doubt asked: which two kinds of disease ah? In fact, the first one is fever and cold, and the second one is influenza. Today Dr. Zhang will explain to you how to identify the common cold, the flu and the new crown pneumonia. # Concerned about the new type of lung infection

1、Common cold

The common cold, which is also called “wind chill” by the general public. Generally speaking, the most significant symptoms of the common cold are “squirting, running nose, blocked nose” and other symptoms, and it is generally not easy to get a fever, and even if you get a fever, it is usually a low fever, with mild symptoms all over the body. In clinical medicine, it is often felt that the common cold causes significant symptoms of Quick test(快速測試) catarrh, simply put, the symptoms of runny nose are more significant. The cause of the common cold can be cold, but there are also pathogenic bacteria, the most common pathogens are rhinovirus, new coronavirus, syncytial virus, parainfluenza virus infection, etc.. Generally, symptomatic treatment is given to solve the problem, and it can become better by itself in 1 week or less. # Light wind program

Summary: The symptoms of common cold, such as “squirting, runny nose, obstruction” are significant, while fever is not significant and the symptoms of the whole body are not significant.

The symptoms of common cold and runny nose are heavy

2、Influenza (flu)

Influenza is also a common upper respiratory tract infection in spring and winter. The pharmacological characteristics of influenza are rapid onset, clinical symptoms are all high fever, body aches, drowsiness, can be accompanied by a sore throat, runny nose, headache, dry cough and other symptoms. In fact, the most common symptoms that clinicians use to identify influenza are fever and generalized symptoms. Influenza must generally be taken internally with oseltamivir phosphate as early as possible, and generally the sooner you eat the more dramatic the improvement in symptoms.

Summary: The most common symptoms of influenza are high fever, body aches and drowsiness.

Influenza all over the body symptoms heavy

3, bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract infection

When it comes to upper respiratory tract infections caused by germs, most everyone in the group has felt seven. For example, viral tonsillitis and these fall under this category. Generally speaking, bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract can be manifested as fever, dry cough, sore throat and other symptoms, and blood tests can reveal that the white blood cell count, monocyte count and percentage are all rising. Bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract infection application of antimicrobial agents is actually effective, early detection, early treatment, the general treatment effect is very good.

Bacterial infection upper respiratory tract infection blood test

4, new type of new crown virus sense g of lung infection

New crown pneumonia according to the current epidemiological survey, the incubation period 1-14 days, mostly seen 3-7 days, some instances up to incubation period of 24 days. The specific manifestations are fever, drowsiness, and dry cough. Very few patients have symptoms such as blocked nose, runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea. Initially, the blood count may show a normal or reduced total white blood cell count and a reduced reticulocyte count. A week after the onset of the disease, the condition may worsen, and respiratory distress and/or hypoxemia may occur, and the condition may progress rapidly to more serious conditions such as subacute respiratory distress syndrome and septic shock.

Special attention is paid to critically ill, acutely ill patients with a history of present illness that can be moderate to low fever, or even no significant fever. Patients with mild forms only present mainly with low fever and mild sleepiness without pneumonia manifestations. From the status of the cases seen at this stage, most patients have a good prognosis, and very few patients are critically ill. The elderly and those with diffuse underlying diseases have a weaker prognosis.

Summary: Fever, drowsiness and dry cough are the specific manifestations. Please seek medical attention as soon as possible if you have the corresponding symptoms.

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How to distinguish between suspected cases, confirmed cases, and asymptomatic infected patients of New Coronary Pneumonia?

It's flu season again, how to distinguish the common cold, the

4 good skin care “habit”, adhere to 30 days, the skin becomes better, acne is also less

  1. Gentle makeup removal

As a girl, in addition to cleansing, but also often face the step of removing makeup. If this step is not done, it is easy to damage the skin barrier, resulting in sensitive skin.

When removing makeup, there are several points to note, if you use a cotton pad, then it is best not to repeatedly and vigorously wipe the skin with a cotton pad, this destructive force, the killing power of the skin is very large.

The second is that if you use makeup remover water, makeup remover milk or makeup remover oil after removing makeup, it is best not to use a very strong cleansing power cleanser to wash again. The more not to stack scrub products, so that the bombardment in turn, even if the makeup is removed, the stratum corneum will be destroyed.

After the makeup remover is finished, you can generally wash it off with water, such as makeup remover oil, in fact, many of them are not very greasy after unloading. If you feel a little greasy, you can choose a mild amino acid cleanser to wash down.

  1. Strengthen moisturizing

If the skin is in a relatively moist environment, it is conducive to self-repair, and to create such a moist environment, moisturizing is very important, especially for dry skin.

But even the oil skin can not ignore moisturizing, although the skin itself has a moisturizing system, but because we wash the face or some other factors, the skin's ability to moisturize will decline, sometimes our skin looks very oily, but the ability to moisturize is limited, so many people's skin belongs to the state of oil and dry, so the necessary external moisturizing is needed.

  1. Strengthen sun protection

UV rays have a great impact on the skin, on the one hand, it will make the skin tanned, and on the other hand, it will make the skin old. The tanning may be noticed by many people, after all, the “effect” of tanning is relatively fast. And the old sun is easy to ignore, because this process is a chronic poisoning process.

If you want your skin to age a little slower than others, then the best investment now is sun protection, rather than later to use what anti-aging essence, the role is not much. And if you want to whiten, it is also necessary to strengthen the sunscreen, or what whitening essence, the role will not be very obvious.

In the daily skin care, sun protection is basically not absent. If a long time outdoor exposure to the sun, choose a high sun protection index, that is, SPF and PA value are high, such as the Ennai sun. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

  1. do not frequently apply mask

For some mask maniacs, the meal can not eat a day, but the mask can not be a day not to apply. The mask is a cure for all diseases, acne, whitening, light spot, anti-aging, yellow, blackhead, only you can not think of the efficacy, no mask can not do the efficacy.

But in fact, the main effect of the mask is to temporarily replenish moisture, as for whitening, light spots, anti-aging and other effects, almost no.

And the way the mask hydration is equivalent to soaking the skin in water, and then increase the degree of hydration of the stratum corneum, if frequent and long time this operation, but will weaken the skin barrier, resulting in sensitive skin, and even hydrated dermatitis.

The moisturizing effect of the mask is not strong, so you just finished, the skin is temporarily very hydrated, but not long after, the skin will become dry again, or even more dry, because when you apply the mask, the natural moisturizing factor in the skin part of your bubble out, so you wash a loss, so the skin more dry. So after applying the mask you also need to follow up with a cream moisturizer.