Women's autumn health cover these 4 parts to make you comfortable a whole autumn

The autumn breeze must be careful to keep the body warm, especially for women, to pay attention to the two feet, knees, shoulders, and the back 滴雞精幾時飲, navel area of warmth, to prevent the cool air invasion of the body caused by disease.

What parts of women should pay attention to keep warm in autumn?

Warm one, two feet

If the feet are cold, then the whole body will experience the cold, the feet will be cold to reduce resistance and immunity. In the palms of the feet there are five organs and six reflex zones, once cold will cause the corresponding parts of 滴雞精比較 the capillaries in the case of closing. Especially for women with cardiovascular disease, it is important to keep both feet warm to prevent accidents. Apply boiling water foam feet every night before going to bed, can promote the blood circulation system of the legs to avoid the invasion of cool air.

Keeping warm two, back

In the back there is the Governor's vein, cold words will endanger the Qi and blood of the Governor's vein. Especially for groups with poor respiratory tracts, they are very prone to bronchitis cough and asthma, and can even progress to chronic bronchitis. The Governor's Vessel is in the middle of the back and suffers from cold wind erosion which causes the 滴雞精推薦 Yin deficiency of the Governor's Vessel and weakens the role of the whole body, making it very easy to feel cold in the body. The abdomen with the vein to the region at the same time on both sides of the kidney function, when the cold will deplete the kidney qi, which will cause back pain and menstrual disorders.

Keeping warm three, knee and neck area

Despite the fall, but some women still wear ultra-short skirts or ultra-short pants, etc., bone and joint parts have been suffering from cold wind stimulation, very prone to stabbing pain, resulting in rheumatism. In the back of the head area is dotted with many capillaries and its nervous system, when cold is very easy to get a fever and cold and will cause the neck blood vessels to close, not for the brain to give plenty of blood night.

Keep warm four, navel

Belly button area of the skin is very lacking, and there are a lot of nervous system plexus, if the fall did not do a good job to keep the navel area warm words may let the cold erode the body internal, causing gastrointestinal disorders, causing cold diarrhea and lower abdominal pain, etc.. It is best for women not to wear belly button outfits or low waist pants.

What food can women eat in autumn to resist the cold?

1, mutton and eggs

Autumn can eat more beef, can enhance the body's heat, to help resist the cold, to reduce lumbago, wind chill cough, weak and cold and abdominal cold pain, etc., with the role of kidney protection and anti-freezing. Raw eggs are also a very good choice, with protein food and soy lecithin, which can give heat and body fat to the body. In addition, you can also eat more chicken breast, chicken is classified as hot food, protein is also particularly colorful.

2, pure honey and iron rich ingredients

Pure honey has sufficient calcium, iron, zinc, manganese and other nutritional elements. Drinking a glass of honey and lemon water three hours before going to bed each night can help you sleep and also relieve severe constipation. In addition, it is also advisable to eat more iron colorful ingredients, because iron participates in the hematopoietic function, blood cells in the blood night to assist in the transport and metabolism of o2, can convert the body's body fat protein into heat, and thus give enough o2.

Warm reminder

In autumn, we should do a good job of keeping our bodies warm to prevent getting cold, and for women suffering from bronchitis and asthma should adjust their clothes and pants according to the change in temperature, because they are very sensitive to the change in temperature and environmental humidity, which can easily cause illness.

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