Kate  A visit from Quinton the Question Quail

Our natural soundscape has recently been upgraded by the humorous calls of our friendly neighbourhood California quail (described here as “a handsome, round soccer ball of a bird”):

quail quail moss

Seán captured these recordings of this particular handsome, soccer ball of a bird—whom we've fondly named Quinton—this morning:

We also noticed Quinton attempting to befriend (or impersonate?) the rusty wren sculpture:

quail wren friends quail wren Caught in the act

Around this time last year, a quail couple found a nice place inside our post-pruning pile to take turns having their afternoon naps:

brush quail watch quail female The male & female quails taking their respective guard duty shifts very seriously

Quail~ p.s. Brush piles are actually a really great, easy way to create habitat for quail and other wildlife :^)