Seán   Announcing: Irregular Updates  Kate

“Why have I been receiving less emails from you lately?” – Quinton

If you've been following us via email for a while, you may have noticed that you haven't been receiving nearly as many updates as you used to. This is actually not so much because we've been posting less frequently lately (though this is partially true) as it is that we've recently decided to shift our dispatch style to one which is, well, irregular!

One reason for this is that we don't want to bombard people's inboxes with messages every time we post an update (which is sometimes daily). We have enough newsletters piling up in our own inboxes to understand the mental weight that even messages from dear friends can become – so we want to keep our email footprint low. That being said, if you're someone who wants to keep track of our latest updates in 'real-time', you should subscribe to our blog via RSS — which will allow you to follow along through a web dashboard or phone app. If you haven't used RSS before, we recommend trying The Old Reader or Fraidycat. You'll just need to feed in our RSS url and voilà! Regular updates.

But... even if you do that, you still won't receive real-time updates of all of our new posts. This is because our blog is intended to be both linear and cyclical. We're constantly revisiting past photos that we've taken and experiences that we've had around the Hill (and beyond), and sometimes start drafts in one season to be finished in another. In other words, many future posts will appear in the past! Or is it the other way around... No matter. All you need to understand is that there will always be 'new' content appearing in earlier pages of the blog, and the only way to find out is either through one of our irregular updates or through digging back into our archive from time to time.

Speaking of which, you may not have noticed that we celebrated Weeding Wednesday this week with a behind-the-weeds peek at our efforts. Not to be upstaged by our crude and wasteful methods, a native banana slug showed us its incredibly zen weed-eating abilities as well. And finally, as we near spring's end, we finished off a wildflower photo showcase which we started drafting nearly two months ago.

Beyond these sorts of 'regular' posts, we'll also be making special posts from time to time which are tied to particular occasions — in which case you'll receive an email. Much more to share, but we'll leave this PSA there for now. More irregular things to announce soon!

Sending well wishes from our nest to yours!

p.s. The latest generation of house wren fledglings just flew the nest!