Seán   Artistic Inspiration: Drift Body

Drift Body Zine

My friend Scott recently started publishing a beautiful quarterly zine series called Drift Body filled with wholesome, enchanting original poetry & prose alongside inscriptions from ancient Orphic tablets. I recently received the first issue and carried it with me down to the water below one of my favourite nearby wandering spots, Fort Rodd Hill, to read alongside a couple of old birthday cards & writings that my grandfather sent me two decades ago.

Scott and I met in the Scuttleverse last year and have since become dear friends. He's currently monitoring piping plovers on North Manitou Island, and recording short videos accompanied by spoken word poems inspired by his experiences here. Suffice it to say that his work and energy are a major inspiration!

If you're in need of grounding words in these disorienting times, I highly recommend becoming a peer, patron, or pen pal of Scott's! You can also read more about his work monitoring plovers in this wonderful essay.