Kate title=  Birdhouse Findings: Part I

Last week Seán and I cleaned out a birdhouse that appeared to be so crammed with material that we thought perhaps that was why no new birds have decided to nest in there this year. Last spring, after clearing several wasp nests from the birdhouse, a family of house wrens moved into it and brought us much delight with their songs and antics. Here’s one peeking out (I think this is one of the youngins, preparing to try out its wings):

young wren peeking

This is what we found when we opened up the side of the house: open nestbox It’s amazing to know that 2 small dedicated birds gathered all of this material inside, one stick (or feather, grass sprig, plastic string, even hair!) at a time.

We carefully placed the contents of the nest box in a bucket and then began to sort through it...

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