Kate Encounter with Sleepy Young Ravens  Seán

The other day, while taking a stretch break from the anti-ergonomic act of photographing tiny lichens on a rocky slope, I looked up to find I was being silently watched:

juvi raven

I could tell it was a juvenile raven because of the fleshy pink “gape flange” at the base of its beak.

juvi raven blink

I watched as it rested there: quietly preening, yawning and occasionally blinking its spooky nictitating membrane at me.

After a while, I panned right to find a black lump on a branch a bit farther away... which I gradually came to realize was another young raven, apparently lying down on a branch, nodding off after a long day of exploring and begging for food. It was comical to watch as it closed its eyes and slowly sunk deeper onto the branch. I had never seen a bird lay down in a tree like this before!

juvi raven sib juvi raven sib sleep

Seán captured some great audio from their feeding time earlier that day:

Seán ~

If you've ever heard a baby crow getting fed, this'll be familiar. My favorite part is always the satisfied “glerp chirp” sound of the chum being shoved down the baby's throat.

(p.s. To learn a bit more about raven calls, I highly recommend listening to this short BirdNote clip.)

One morning a week later, I also caught sight of this cute encounter:

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