Kate   Happy World Migratory Bird Day!   Seán

This year, our local bird observatory are hosting the first annual Victoria Bird Week! We're looking forward to filling out our Bird Bingo card over the feather-ful days ahead and attending some of the fascinating talks. Meanwhile, here are some charming migratory birds we've been noticing on the hill today:

  Chipping sparrow (short-distance migrant) preening after a bath

  Violet-green swallow (medium- to long-distance migrant) spotted house-hunting through one of our feather friendly windows

  Rufous hummingbirds (long-distance migrant) [see also: last year's post]

  Warbling vireo (medium- to long-distance, nocturnal migrant)

  And this trio of yellow birds:

  American goldfinch (short-distance migrant)

  Wilson’s warbler (medium- to long-distance migrant) ready for a bath

  Orange-crowned warbler (medium- to long-distance, nocturnal migrant)

  Head over to the official WMBD website to learn more about this year's global festivities and to find events happening in your area!