Kate  Path to Enlichenment | Part II: Lipstick Powderhorn

While closely inspecting some shingles this spring, I came upon this scene that looked as though a spider was getting ready to hang its laundry out to dry:

spider clothesline Cladonia macilenta

This is another Cladonia—meaning “club-like”—lichen, similar to the first in this series, the pixie cup. You can tell how this one got its common name, “lipstick powderhorn”:

The powdery horns, before applying lipstick: before lipstick

And after: after lipstick Mwah!

Neat tidbit: Apparently, Cladonia macilenta is capable of producing a chemical called biruloquinone, which effectively prevents neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease!

These look similar to the other red-fruited lichens, British Soldier Lichen which are more tree-like and grow further East, and Red-fruited pixie cups which are more goblet-shaped.

lipstick cladonia Mingling with the mosses

Disclaimer: I'm a lichen-newb, so these IDs are just to the best of my current knowledge and research. They could very well be other similar types of lichens. I'll update as I become more enlichened!