Seán   Springy Summer Visitors

Kate's new friend

This spur-throated grasshopper nymph may be a major agricultural pest, but it sure is cute and fascinating to behold up close in person at this instar. Not all species in this subfamily are considered problematic, but this particular individual seems to be a two-striped grasshopper (Melanoplus bivittatus), which are highly problematic crop eaters. That being said, it's also a tasty meal for birds... and perhaps for humans as well?

And whereas two-striped grasshoppers bounce around silently, this adult crackling forest locust (Trimerotropis verruculata suffusa) comes from the band-winged subfamily — and earns its name from the loud snapping sound that its hindwings produce when it flies.

Thought while taking this photo: '...Please don't jump at my face...'

Quail ~ By the way, aren't compound eyes amazing?