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Seán   Artistic Inspiration: Kristyna Baczynski  Kate

Over the past several months, we've been greatly inspired and delighted by the work of UK-based artist Kristyna Baczynski — whose Patreon we both subscribe to, where we're rewarded with in-depth explanations of her creative / business process which has been masterfully honed over many years of making beautiful comics, zines, prints, and more. She's also been incredibly generous in offering advice as we've been developing our own creative practice together as Hummingcrow & Co.

The Wild Year zine set by Kristyna Baczynski

A couple of weeks ago, we were overjoyed to receive her gorgeous Wild Year zine set highlighting wild plants growing in her region of Europe each season – and thought this would be a great opportunity to highlight her work! One of our biggest hopes and dreams is to eventually create our own zine series about the various goings-on around Hummingbird Hill over the seasons, and if we're able to manifest something half as magical as Kristyna's creations, we'll be very happy indeed.


Seán   Little Paintings: A Bumble Bee Rests in the Sun

Little bee painting


Kate   Little Paintings: Robin in the Bath

Seán and I have recently been scheming new ways to creatively capture scenes around the Hill, so I halved some card-paper offcuts I got from an art store. Now we have a nice stack of 3x3.5'' pieces that we're gradually making into tiny paintings.

One of my first attempts is a common sight around here: a fluffed-up, staring robin soaking in the bath:

robin bath in hand


Seán   Pollinators Week Finale: A Tale of Two Pies  Kate

As you're all no doubt aware, today is Tau Day! So no further explanation is neede-

Quail ~ “”

Oh! It seems that Quinton is unfamiliar with this widely-celebrated and much-beloved human holiday. So before we continue, here's a brief bit of background:


Kate  Hummingpuppet

hummer puppet

A hummingbird puppet has been on my mental “to-make” list for a while, but wasn't the highest priority until I was invited to participate in Seán's virtual “puppet soirée & sing-along” birthday gathering — the perfect opportunity!

This was my first attempt at needle-felting a puppet, and it turned out to be quite a nice medium for the smaller-scale female Anna's hummer.

A description of the process, along with more pictures and a video of the (literal) humming-bird in action can all be found on my Patreon. :)

Seán   A Morning Surprise

Early one morning a little over a week ago, while making my way back up the Hill after weeding and watering, I realized that I hadn't quite completely emptied my watering can—so I began sprinkling the remnants on a few thirsty-looking shrubs.

As I shook the last clinging drops from the container, I was startled to notice a curious pair of eyes peering up at me from a few feet away behind a rock:


Kate   Accrowdion

accrowdion before/after

This was my first attempt at making a sculpture using Sculpey (Original) polymer clay. I made it for the Metchosin Art Pod's Bird and Song art show.

There were a few learning curves in the making of this musical bird, all of which I write about & provide pictures of in the original post, as well as the painting process of the sculpture, which is described in Part II!


Kate   Witnessing The Warming

I made these 10 BC-birds out of Model Magic, and painted them with gouache. Then they gathered around a tiny campfire I made them, so I took this picture of them. This piece was made for the Metchosin Art Pod's Bird & Song show.

I go into depth about how I created this over at the original post on my Patreon page, where there are also lots of process photos!

Kate  Avocado-pit Birds and Such

Avocado-pit birds

When I was about 10 or 12 I would eat my apples in an interesting (arguably: disgusting, strange) way: by “carving” the apple with my teeth in order to form a human-esque head, which would then sit on the window ledge outside until it shrivelled up into a blackened, mummified picture of horror. My parents—being puppeteers, and therefore no strangers to disembodied heads—seemed to have no qualms with this, and if I remember correctly, actually encouraged this practice of shrunken-apple-head creation.

While making sushi the other day, I opened up an avocado to reveal the pit, which suddenly triggered an old dusty memory of something I had seen somewhere— a puppet-maker who carved avocado pits to create the heads of his figures. So, I started saving the pits and did some research to find that, indeed, avocado-pit-carving is a thing.

Full story & more photos on my Patreon.


April 30, 02020 - Watercolor Sketches

Over the past couple of months, I've been really enjoying sketching with watercolors. Although I've long loved this artform as a viewer, I've always been more of a pen & pencil person myself.