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Seán   A Morning Surprise

Early one morning, while making my way back up the Hill after weeding and watering, I realized that I hadn't quite completely emptied my watering can—so I began sprinkling the remnants on a few thirsty-looking shrubs.

As I shook the last clinging drops from the container, I was startled to notice a curious pair of eyes peering up at me from a few feet away behind a rock:


Seán   Signs of Spring  Kate

As spring comes to a close, we thought we'd celebrate the shifting of seasons by sharing the gallery we've been assembling (~60mb) which showcases some of the myriad expressions of life which we've witnessed around Humm Hill this time of year. And while summer may be dawning across our hemisphere, we look forward to continuing to share and reflect upon these scenes in the months to come.

While you explore our noticings, you may also enjoy listening to this field recording taken here one rainy morning earlier this spring:

How many different bird calls do you hear? For the answer, read the description.

Seán   #Meanwhile

April 30, 02020

Three happy Columbian black-tailed deer relax amongst the daffodils and wildflowers in the sun.



Phew! After a complicated couple of weeks traveling (very carefully...) & helping my loved ones prepare for the coronavirus situation, my feet are finally touching the ground again and I'm excited to reconnect with the Scuttleverse :^)

#Meanwhile, #spring has arrived here in the northern hemisphere! Here's a photo of our resident doe in her favorite resting spot, reminding me that there are other ways to be present in the world:

Mar 19, 02020

Rather than drown myself in COVID-19 information/commentary all day, I'm working toward finding a healthy balance between staying up-to-date with particularly consequential news, keeping in touch with & supporting friends/family, and continuing to live mindfully in the world beyond the virus, both on- and offline...

Read more in the Scuttleverse (find me at PicoPub): Hermies dancing %L0E9z+5sereU2NG93jlnOU/sTXRuMahzp6ExGBcq/8w=.sha256

Seán   #Meanwhile