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Seán   Pollinators Week Finale: A Tale of Two Pies  Kate

As you're all no doubt aware, today is Tau Day! So no further explanation is neede-

Quail ~ “”

Oh! It seems that Quinton is unfamiliar with this widely-celebrated and much-beloved human holiday. So before we continue, here's a brief bit of background:


Kate  Hum Hill Recipe Corner: Simple Banana Oat Pancakes   Seán

On a typical day here, we're usually munching down bowls of granola for breakfast (partially because we wake up at very different times). But when we want to have a fancy breakfast together, we whip up this nice simple pancake recipe which Seán's mom introduced us to (and accentuate it with granola, of course):

Banana Oat Pancake Stack - 20.5.10 Seán's glorious stack for Mother's Day


Seán   Humm Hill Recipe Corner: Granola


While making a large batch of granola last night, I thought it might be nice to share this simple recipe with the Scuttleverse which has become a staple for me over the past couple of years. Kate originally introduced me to making homemade granola, and once I learned how easy and versatile it is, there was no turning back. It’s also something that can easily be made in large batches and keeps well in the pantry for a couple of weeks (at least! But it doesn’t usually survive being eaten longer than that in our household, so I can’t vouch for beyond that). Apparently you can also refrigerate or freeze it, but I’ve yet to try that.

Confession: I’m much more of an intuitive cook/baker who’s more comfortable experimenting with food than writing out recipes, but here goes: