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Kate  Hum Hill Recipe Corner: Banana Walnut Muffins (GF/DF)   Seán

banana pb centers

As we prepare for the shifting seasons next week, we've been baking big batches of granola, cooking up veggies, meats, & pots of soup to freeze for future meals, and—most importantly of all—stocking up on wholesome, soothing snacks. Lately, we’ve been enjoying this versatile muffin recipe that Kate spliced together (based on a few different ones that she almost liked). Last week, we successfully adapted it into loaf form, and this week we added a surprise blob of peanut butter in the center of each muffin. So, we thought we'd take a moment to share Kate's illustrated notes with those of you who may also yearn for a little digestion-friendly snack therapy every now and then.

banana muffin recipe


Kate  Hum Hill Recipe Corner: Simple Banana Oat Pancakes   Seán

On a typical day here, we're usually munching down bowls of granola for breakfast (partially because we wake up at very different times). But when we want to have a fancy breakfast together, we whip up this nice simple pancake recipe which Seán's mom introduced us to (and accentuate it with granola, of course):

Banana Oat Pancake Stack - 20.5.10 Seán's glorious stack for Mother's Day


Seán   Pollinator Week Finale: A Tale of Two Pies  Kate

As you're all no doubt aware, today is Tau Day! So no further explanation is neede-

Quail ~ “”

Oh! It seems that Quinton is unfamiliar with this widely-celebrated and much-beloved human holiday. So before we continue, here's a brief bit of background:


Seán   Humm Hill Recipe Corner: Granola


While making a large batch of granola last night, I thought it might be nice to share this simple recipe which has become a staple for me over the past couple of years. Kate originally introduced me to making homemade granola, and once I learned how easy and versatile it is, there was no turning back. It’s also something that can easily be made in large batches and keeps well in the pantry for a couple of weeks (at least! But it doesn’t usually survive being eaten longer than that in our household, so I can’t vouch for beyond that). Apparently you can also refrigerate or freeze it, but I’ve yet to try that.

Confession: I’m much more of an intuitive cook/baker who’s more comfortable experimenting with food than writing out recipes, but here goes: