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Seán   Weed-of-the-Week: Stinky Bob

Stinky Bob - 20.5.13

Although weeding is a daily duty here, we've started a weekly tradition called Weeding Wednesday during which we each spend a focused chunk of 水曜日 crawling around the Hill pulling Undesirable Plants to make room for greater biodiversity. In light of this new custom, I thought I'd take some time to research one of the weeds that I've been focusing on today:


Seán   Sidney Spit Restoration Adventure

20.2.29 - Sidney Spit Restoration

Yesterday, Kate & I had an opportunity to do some restoration #volunteering with the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve on a beautiful tear-drop-shaped spit jutting out from Sidney Island which is home to a coastal sand ecosystem (rare in this region) which hosts several at-risk species such as the contorted-pod evening-primrose, Edwards' beach moth, & the ground-nesting (deceptively-named) common nighthawk.


Kate Weeding Wednesday Warriors  Seán


Down at the base of Humm Hill, in a small field ringed by poplars, pines, and maples, among other flora, we've been spending a lot of this season working towards restoring native biodiversity. The work can easily consume half a day, but always brings a deeply rewarding sense of satisfaction as our efforts quickly reveal native seedlings and sprouts which have been waiting patiently for the sun to reach them. On this Weeding Wednesday, we thought we'd take a moment to share a glimpse of this process.


Seán   Weed-of-the-Week: Sticky Willy

Sticky Willy - 20.5.13 Stinky Bob & Sticky Willy — Forever personified in my mind as a pair of villains from an old Western film...

Over the past week, I've spent a fair deal of time tracking the now all-too-familiar scent of 'diesel and mint' around to discover the various shady hideouts of Stinky Bob (Sneaky Bob would also be appropriate...). Throughout much of that pursuit, a certain Sticky Willy has been frequently caught up in the mix with a lanky sprawl which got me wondering if these two are in cahoots to bully our native seedlings out.

Having previously read that despite being listed as regionally 'noxious', Willy isn't invasive, so I've let it be in certain areas. But after digging a bit deeper, I'm having second thoughts about this gangling herb.