Hummingcrow & Co.


Seán   “Crow Ho Ho!” It's...  Kate

santa caws


This is our first collaborative lino-print. We passed it back and forth throughout the whole process— from sketching to digitizing; carving to colouring; printing to packaging. We offered some for sale at Metchosin Artpod's Mighty Fine Art & Craft show, but primarily made them to send to loved ones & friends for the holidays. 'Twas a fun & pun-tastic experiment— and we're looking forward to collaborating more through this medium in the future! ☺︎


Seán   Returning & Reorienting (戻りと変更計画)  Kate

Zen garden at HCP Viewing the Zen garden at HCP. See more photos from this trip on ノート.


After over six weeks of exploring 日本, we're officially back in Metchosin to reorient ourselves toward the holidays and a rapidly approaching new year (正月). That being said, as we hinted in our last post, our virtual 旅 has been so rewarding and inspiring that we've decided to continue making periodic trips back across the submarine cable bridge which connects islands & digital lives through the 'thick' 太平洋.


Seán   First watercolor sketch

Seán WC sketch - 3.8.02020

Kate title=  Hibernation

Kate winter nest

I drew this for a monthly themed art challenge I have with my mum. Hibernation made me think of being curled up in a cozy nest, with a selection of my favourite relaxing activities within arm's reach: winter bird watching; drawing/painting; sewing; enjoying warm foods & beverages; playing music; reading...

Full story & more photos on my Patreon.

Kate   Tufted Titmice


I was recently commissioned to make a Tufted Titmouse the other day, and I thought, “while I'm at it, why not make 4?”. It's difficult to do this cute bird justice, so it was a bit intimidating.

Full story & more photos on my Patreon page.

Seán   Hummerhanga

I really fell in love with mokuhanga in 02019 after carving this “baby block” inspired by a tough little male Anna's who took shelter in the branches of a Nootka rose under the eaves of our roof one winter.