Hummingcrow & Co.


Seán   First watercolor sketch

Seán WC sketch - 3.8.02020


Kate winter nest

I drew this for a monthly themed art challenge I have with my mum. Hibernation made me think of being curled up in a cozy nest, with a selection of my favourite relaxing activities within arm's reach: winter bird watching; drawing/painting; sewing; enjoying warm foods & beverages; playing music; reading...

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Kate   Tufted Titmice


I was recently commissioned to make a Tufted Titmouse the other day, and I thought, “while I'm at it, why not make 4?”. It's difficult to do this cute bird justice, so it was a bit intimidating.

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Seán   Hummerhanga

My first mokuhanga print – from a traditional printmaking course I took in early 02019