A Poem Extracted From The Portal.

I met God

He let me build Heaven

I met God

He let me build Hell

I met God

He let me burn Heaven

I met God 

He let me burn Hell

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A Poem Or Song Lyrics Extracted From The Portal.

Birds flyin now 

I’ll tell you how I feel

I drink a coffee

But the coffee isn’t real

I’m grinning now

But the feelings are not real

I’m overjoyed and devoid

This onion needs a peal 

Appealing to the masses 

Lost in the translation

My mind is an antenna 

I’m lookin for a station

Radio on 

Fill up and then I’m gone

Then it’s back to sit at home 

Watch the tv what is on 

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A Document Extracted From The Portal.

The black ink drips down. The ink drips through. 

The NoBodies

Have you ever stepped:

BYND the limitations 

BYND the stress

BYND the truth’s devious lies

BYND reality

Where do you end up?

Reality speaks: “That was never me. That was chains and prisons. This is me.”

The future sings songs of the present. Dance lightly. BYND the melodies, the past is heard screaming warnings of its imminent death. Pleading or rejoicing?

The Past and Future Battle. Battle to integrate or battle to eliminate? The present standing in stillness. The gatekeeper and the bridge. What happens when the present allows? 

The past and the future colliding. 

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A Document Extracted From The Portal.

It has been 5 years since I left the glass house. The wolves waiting, watching. Never would they expect such an opportunity. They had accepted a life of waiting. Their hunger staring through the translucent barrier.

As I stepped out, they attacked. Other occupants had followed me through the front door, stopping within the safety of the porch. They cast stones and cast words against my back.

The wolves pulling, ripping, devouring. It had been ages since such an opportunity was given them. Ripping, shaking, and blood covered, they would run off in ravenous delight before fully finishing the deed.

I would crawl. A hole would provide refuge. A hole is where I would wait. And wait I would.

Now is the return. The wolves crouch at my approach. The fiery energy about screams, “Bite and you shall burn.” They understand. They wait.

The glass homes stand side by side. Visually, not much has changed. Same people occupy the same space, yet something is different. The comfort of the home, a trap in the face of fear.

Whispers of a changing world. A change not worth facing to some. They remained in their comfort, never again leaving. Doors sealed. They sat waiting.

When the first eyes fell upon my approach, all became aware. They stood staring through the glass. My curiosity and survival was a threat to the stories that preserved their existence.

They began to cast their words. Silent mouthings through muted glass. Simultaneously, the words echoed throughout their structures. As their hate returned, it struck their eardrums with a thunderous boom. The sharp burning pain made them angry.

They gripped their stones from inside their fortress. All at once, they cast the stones from within.

With that, their fear born ignorance stopping short of its target, crashing into the glass walls of protection. Crash, the glass fell like rain.

They stared. The wolves stared.

Fear strengthens the brave.

Fear devours the fearful.

Wolves will eat.

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