Chris' Chronicle of Contrived Complications

Travel, Life, and other Mindless Babble inspired by struggles of my own making, because why do things the easy way.

To kick things off, it’s probably best that I explain who I am and give a little direction as to why I created this blog in the first place.

My name is Chris Smith, I’m a tech worker that decided to jump on the Digital Nomad lifestyle after coming to the conclusion that there was no need to remain anchored in my hometown of Richmond, VA. I’ve been journaling up to this point to document some of my more chance occurrences and to help relieve the weight of my own thoughts since I’ve spent a lot of time in isolated locations. The ultimate goals of this adventure are as follows:

  • See the country, the USA’s natural beauty is truly something amazing and we’re all doing a swell job of ensuring that it all disappears at an accelerated rate.
  • Reconnect with old friends, I’ve got folks all over the country from my time spent in the military who I miss dearly, and can now impose myself on them with little inconvenience.
  • Discover a new home, because I don’t really know where my home is after spending ages 17-25 being told where to go by Uncle Sam.
  • Rekindle hope for humanity (Of course there’s an altruistic goal).

Why blog though?

I figure that sometimes I have things to say or share and I don’t always have the means to say them with impact/relevancy. At the start of the pandemic, I jumped off of Social Media and removed my connection to the world but still had a lot that I wanted to share. Hopefully, this blog will help me put the proverbial pen to page and broadcast those things which I find relevant to people that are interested without having to worry about ads or a blue check mark next to my name. Content will include:

  • Shameless plugs of my dog
  • Travel logs
  • Philosophical babble
  • Brain dumps

Final Thoughts

If you read any of this, great. If you do not, also great. This is mostly for me anyways.

Here’s a picture of Leia: