Fall of a hero.

This particular person, I admired a lot. Let's call him RG in case we reference him later.

I have been friends with him for 10 years. I cannot summarize everything in a single post. We also have been living 12000 kms apart from each other for the last 4 years. Unfortunately I have not been speaking to him for almost a year now.

We have been speaking to each other over WhatsApp all the time. In the last few years he had some very serious problems. He has been using a lot of substance. He became a narcissist. He has been talking almost only about how superior he was – how superior his thoughts were.

He also had some theories on mRNA, covid, vaccines.. They were a hot topic then. He was constantly trying to convince me on his beliefs. I was always listening, and sometimes politely telling him that I was skeptical of his theories and sometimes politely letting him know that I had no interest. I already had my jabs 💉, I could not care less if covid was human made or if vaccines were injecting other things in my body.

One day, again I saw dozens of messages in WhatsApp and again I was as polite as I could be.. I told him, very politely, advised him maybe it would be better to find others interested in these topics since I was not able to have a meaningful conversation with him on these topics. I told him there were surly online groups people discussing these.

I did not think this would be perceived in a bad way. Previously my friends told me they did not have interest in topics I talked to them about like the stock market, rockets or true crimes. I simply stopped talking about them to those particular people.

He got extremely mad. I understand, he was already going through hard times. But he said very strong words. He told me he was cutting communication with me effective immediately. He accused me of things I never thought about. He said something in the lines of me judging him over leaving his sons behind. I never had a single word about his sons in my life.

And well there was nothing left for me to say at that moment. I did not reply. I was very sad. He meant a lot to me – he was a big part of my life. I admired his intelligence, kindness, humor.

Several days later he sent me a message like nothing happened. I did not reply.

Several days later, it was my birthday, he sent me a message saying happy birthday. He was the only one who celebrated my birthday except my wife and my parents. I did not reply.

Several days later he sent me a message saying he will not send anymore messages but he will be waiting for me to contact him.

I never contacted him. I miss him. I wish him the best. I do not contact him not because I do not like him. I like him a lot. We all have super-heroes, he is one of my heroes.

I wish you the best RG.