One of those days..

One of those days that I am incapable of doing anything significant at work. Another wasted day – mostly for the company I am working for since I am getting paid whether or not I do anything.

I think I am the biggest underperformer in the company.

I am not completely useless – there are definitely things I can contribute to. But given my age and my experience on paper (since my experience in reality does not match what my CV says 📝) I should be able to do much, much more. On paper, I have years of Java development experience. In reality I have a few 1 year Java development experiences.

So, ok, focus, focus.. Focus.. What to do? What is the plan now?

OK, the plan is sticking here as long as I can until I am let go. I give myself a few months. I hope I am not being too optimistic. Just one day at a time. Any day I am not let go is a good day and deserves a celebration.

Then I think I will start looking for a new job that I can keep for longer – that fits my skillset better, i.e. something I can actually do. Something simpler compared to working as a developer where I do not need to code searching graphs and so on. Maybe data entry.. Or manual QA. I mean there must be something.. We will see, we will see.. Focus..

OK, I have a solid plan. The plan is solid. Hold the line, hold the line. Solid plan. Let's go..