The Basis of Illuminism: Why Do We Need it?

We humans claim ourselves to be the smartest species on the planet and what is the reason behind such colossal claim? The answer is simple, our mind and our thought-process. Since the time unknown, human mind has a never-ending quench of thirst for knowledge and to better ourselves. Over time a lot of possibilities and ideas were explored in order to achieve a level that will appease our senses. But still there is no end in sight to that quest. No amount of materialistic or monetary growth will ever be enough. So, how can we achieve inner peace and a level of gratification? The answer lies inside us rather than outside. The answer is illuminism.

The idea behind this approach is to think beyond the world that is in front of our eyes. The notion of illuminism is to attain a state of mind that is way beyond the comprehension of a common human being. To be in the presence of higher-being or guided by the source of all knowledge can free you from human suffering. The foundation of illuminism is built on reasoning. It is said that if you want to understand life and what if your purpose on this world is, you should look for reason and it is through reason that one might hope to attain such enlightenment.

The objective of attaining that level of self-awareness is to be connected with all forms of life. That connection cannot be established through spoken or written words alone. They are just symbols and are meaningless to someone who is unable to understand the idea behind those words. Imagine you see a name of the color spelled in front of you, but you have never seen that color with your own eyes. You won’t be able to identify it when you will see it. The language or any form of communication can only transform an experience if you know what to experience. Think of it as exact opposite of what we learned in school. In schools we were taught that if can answer a question, it means we understood the topic. That is not the case with illuminism. You need to experience it in order to understand it.

It is highly believed that you will become what you will think and there are ample evidences to back this statement up. If you wish to free yourself from the shackles of the things that are holding you down, then this path is for you. Illuminism helps you connect with the world in a way that it is almost astonishing. Once your mind is at that level, you will see the things as they are, not as you have been taught to see them.

Being in a state of enlightenment helps you see the things that are not seen by other because they don’t possess the same point of view. When we see anything for the first time, our mind will start describing it and contemplating ideas about it and before we know it, we are in the judgmental phase. Illuminism will remove all this extra and unnecessary distractions from our mind and heart, and in turn will help us connect with that thing directly on a different level.

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