The World Record For The Longest Colour Sequence Memorized

New York, NY — (CNN News) — 10/31/2019 — Curator, Sancy Suraj of the renowned memory training company, Pinnacle Minds held the Guinness Book World record for the longest color sequence memorized. He broke the record in Singapore in 2011.

The longest colour sequence memorized was accomplished by Sancy Suraj. Sancy Suraj memorised a sequence of 160 random colours on the computer screen at the rate of 2 seconds per colour. Sancy Suraj then proceeded to write the sequence on a piece of paper with a perfect score.

Sancy Suraj works in the field of memory improvement in training and education, teaching students and corporate professionals memorisation techniques as well as regularly demonstrating his memorisation abilities. Sancy Suraj is the founder of Pinnacle Minds and Knowles Training Institute.

The previous Guinness world record for the longest colour sequenced memorized was set in Munich, Germany by Florian Dellé, who only managed to memorised 40 colours.

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