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Selfies have become commonplace in recent times, while others have become a lot of anger. Regardless of anything, everyone wants to appear perfect in the clicked selfies. And if you use the front camera for your phone, you should know that it is challenging to get a beautiful selfie. The front cameras are designed to focus on every detail of your face, which makes clicking the selfie a difficult task, so to help you, the beauty expert Basma Ibrahim spoke about some tips for Make-up for a perfect selfie.

1. Using a primer


Primer is a beauty product that can easily hide imperfections on your face, appearing in selfies. It is recommended to apply foundation after using a primer to get a smooth and smooth finish.

2. Avoid sunscreen

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Using sunscreen can ruin the look of your selfie. Although using an SPF sunscreen is fine, the kind that contains zinc oxide and titanium oxide should be avoided.

3. Use concealer

Concealer is essential, especially when you have dark circles under your eyes. Cameras generally exaggerate the dark spots on your skin, so make sure you blend the concealer properly to get the perfect finish around your eyes.

4. Matte make-up

For perfect selfies

It is advisable to avoid the use of bright make-up; Because it can reflect light into the camera lens, making your facial features appear more prominent. Plus, the shine on your face makes your face look greasy. So, for the perfect selfie, stick to matte make-up.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

5. Avoid pastel colors

It is advised to avoid using pastel colors, especially when clicking on selfies. Pastel colors appear faded in pictures, so if you want your eyes to shine bright in photos, use bold and dark colors for eye make-up.

6. Check make-up in natural light

Examine your look under natural light

There is a possibility that inner lighting may make the wrong impression on your make-up. Therefore, to be more confident about your appearance, make sure to examine your appearance under natural light. Wearing make-up under artificial lights can sometimes lead to excessive make-up.

7. Use yellow face powder


The shimmering powder can reflect light on your face, so a yellowish powder is recommended if you plan to selfies.

8. Strengthen your eyes

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Strengthen your eyes

Always try to make your eyes the focus of your selfies. Curling your eyelashes and applying a gentle layer of mascara is a great idea to enhance your eyes' beauty. You can make your eyes pop by using glitter eyeshadow under the browbones and the eyes' corner.

9. add definition to your face, using bronzer and highlighter

Best for selfies

Cameras can sometimes make you look blurry in photos; So make sure to apply bronzer, highlighter, and blush to enhance the contours of your face. Natural make-up is best for selfies, so try to keep the bronzer and blush light.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

10. The review is also important

The shape of your eyebrows can also affect your image's quality; So make sure to trim your brows well with an eyebrow pencil. So these were some make-up tips for the perfect selfie. Keep it in mind and click on your ideal selfie

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*Header photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels*


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From the golden years of Marilyn Monroe to Scarlett Johansson, it has become clear that men go crazy upon seeing a beautiful blonde. Why? Well, the truth is, our genes seem to be automatically linked to blonde hair and the pronounced tone of this type of woman. On the other hand, according to various studies, most men in the world fall in love with blondes.

In this article, we will provide a rundown of the reasons why men love blondes!

Why do men love blondes?

The first reason is that men find blonde hair softer and lighter. It is something that men find attractive because usually, men like fine hair. After all, it gives a thing of femininity and beauty to women.

Eternal youth

Photo by Dalila Dalprat from Pexels

Blond girls appear youthful. Most men are attracted to women who appear younger. Of course, we always like to have someone more immature in our lives to rejuvenate our souls, and we also feel as if we've got our life back together. Always associating with someone who appears younger – even if they are not young – is something we love and make us feel light and happy.

Clear complexion

People with blonde hair often have a clear complexion, which often gives a more youthful appearance and reflects a person's healthier condition. It is much easier to discover health problems or the like through their skin.

A trait that most men ignore. A study reveals the closest pathway to a woman's heart

More tempting

Blond women have an additional trait: usually, blond women are more seductive and try to take care of their appearance more than the rest. Blond men typically see them as more attractive and desirable than others, so they often persevere to get their hearts out.

More feminine and elegant

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Men see this type of woman as more feminine and elegant than the rest. These traits are also usually associated with success in life, which adds a strong effect and makes them more demanding in engagement and marriage.

Their eye color is attractive with their hair

Whether it is brown, green, blue, or of any color, with blond hair, ladies become more attractive. It is widespread to find light eyes with blond women, and it is also prevalent for them to have brown or green eyes. So usually, their eyes and gaze are irresistible.

Cameras love them

Photo by Anfisa Eremina from Pexels

Blondes are more attractive than the rest. It is easy for them to make men fall in love with them, especially on the Internet, where blondes are very popular on social media platforms because they appear in the pictures with an attractive and beautiful appearance that catches the eyes.

It's not just their looks!

The appearance undoubtedly attracts attention, but it is the charismatic personality that makes the feminine woman irresistible. Despite the famous phrase, the blonde is not at all silly. Many of them are even brilliant.

Their energy is positive

According to a study of many married blondes, they always have a great mental state. Studies usually translate to the fact that the state of mind that blondes generally bring to those with whom they share their lives is full of happiness and joy. Very few men become unhappy with a woman of this nature. Blondes are a magnet for success and happiness.

Beautiful women

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Although the blonde hair gene first appeared about 11,000 years ago, it has always been considered mysterious and attractive. This admiration seems to have been passed down by women from generation to generation, although it is strongly present in the northern region of Europe.

Blondes do better in intimate moments

Many men agree that blondes do better in sexual relations. However, this can sometimes carry a psychological burden on men, as they illuminate emotion easily and frequently in bed. But although many women who are unlucky to have this blonde gene are increasingly using pigments to try to mimic the effects of this beautiful color.

Better mothers

Not only are they the most feminine of women, but they are also the most caring mothers to their children. It was proven after a study that showed that blond women have a better relationship with their children than their darker-skinned counterparts.

Blondes are brilliant!

It was common for blondes to be less intelligent for a long time, so many men believed this hypothesis. But the truth is that they are brighter than average, and it is prevalent to find them talented in many areas. For example, Marilyn Monroe had an IQ of 165, overtaking geniuses like Albert Einstein; Although she did not discover the theory of relativity, she may have understood it well.

No doubt everyone is always attracted to something different and rare. Blond women are not present in abundance, but we cannot deny that every woman is unique, regardless of color or mindset.

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Header photo by by Kindel Media from Pexels


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We all know anger. It is a human emotion that happens to all of us. But when it increases or becomes difficult to control, it causes problems. Whether it is problems at work or in personal relationships with others, ultimately it results in useless losses, so it is essential to know how to manage it properly.

What are the reasons that lead to anger?

Causes of anger

Before thinking about appropriate ways to manage or control anger, it is essential to know what is causing it. Understanding the causes leads to ways to root the problem in the first place, rather than the possibility that it will repeat itself every time. Causes of anger can be divided into two parts:

External causes

Most offense occurs due to external reasons, such as a problem at work or a specific person's disagreement.

Internal causes

Anger can also occur due to other internal feelings, such as anxiety, anticipation, or a long wait, as these feelings cause anger.

In the end, whatever the causes lead to anger, and then the individual chooses the appropriate way to express his anger towards what is happening. The method differs from person to person according to the nature of his personality and the situation he is in now.

There are three main ways in which people express their anger: express, suppress, and calm.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

1 – Expressing anger

The best, of course, is to express feelings of anger in a firm, not aggressive, manner by undoubtedly sharing personal feelings and needs without trying to blackmail or threaten others.

2- Anger suppression

Anger can be suppressed, meaning it can be controlled and not disclosed while at the same time working on converting it into something else. For example, you are doing a heart-warming activity. The danger with this method is that it may cause internal problems, such as high blood pressure or depression.

Also, ignoring the people causing the problem, instead of telling them the reason or confronting them, may lead to a question in relations with them, and this may lead to the loss of the person's right as a result of ignoring the situation and thus not knowing about it by others.

3- Calming anger

The final method for managing anger depends on controlling external and internal reactions. This is what helps prevent internal problems while at the same time feeling calm.


1- relax

Although this method is simple, it plays an influential role with anger and helps calm emotions. When you know the different relaxation techniques, this will improve your management of the different angry situations you are going through. And if you are in a relationship with a quick-tempered partner like yourself, you can both learn and apply these techniques together.

Deep breathing: Try to take the breath deep from the diaphragm, or as it is called “full breath,” meaning as far as you can reach.

Soothing words: While trying to breathe deeply, try to repeat soothing words, such as: calm down slowly, relax.

Using pictures: Try to visualize the relaxation experience, whether by relying on your memory or your imagination.

Non-strenuous exercises: Try non-strenuous exercises that are similar to yoga to help relax your muscles.

These techniques will not take you any time or effort because they are simple, so make sure to practice them daily to get used to them all the time and use them in situations of danger that you are going through.

2- Restructure your knowledge of emotions

You can change your mindset. Instead of letting excessive thoughts take over you, you can replace this with more rational thoughts. For example, don't tell yourself, “Nothing can be fixed anymore.” Instead, say, “I understand that I feel bad about the current situation, but it's not the end of the world, and my anger won't fix anything.”

It is essential to pay attention to the words you say when talking about yourself or anyone else. Do not use words like “never” or “always.” They are not exactly things to describe, and they also make you feel that your anger is justified and that ca not fix the current situation. Reason defeats anger, so try to remind yourself of that all the time.

3- problem-solving

Sometimes the cause of anger is very justified, as there are actual problems in our life that can not be escaped. Therefore, responding to these difficulties is understandable, and so is the search for a solution to the current problem. But don't burden yourself to believe that there is always a solution to all questions.

So, instead of thinking directly about a suitable solution, direct your thinking to the problem and how to address it. Create a plan to help you progress. If you do not get the best result, do not punish yourself and think that you will not get what you want. Instead, you understand the progress that is happening, and you are taking steps to do so.

4- improve communication with others

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

In anger, you find yourself tempted to draw and act on conclusions, and some of these conclusions are often never accurate. So, instead of doing it with others and saying the first thing that comes to mind, think carefully about what you want to say, listen carefully to other people's words and try to understand them, taking the time you wish to before responding.

Try to understand why he is angry with others and what you would like to have, and then share that with them. The more they can understand you well, the more likely they can provide the reaction that suits you. Otherwise, you cannot blame them for a similar response.

5- change the environment around you

The surrounding environment often causes anger, whether because of the problems that occur or the size of the responsibilities we bear, which causes us to feel a negative impact that leads us to more anger. So, you can consider changing your environment as much as possible when you get angry.

It is also essential to get some “personal time” during the day, especially moments that you feel will be stressful for you. For example, some mothers have a firm rule of thumb that They return home from their work, so no one should talk to them until they enter a state of calm and can deal with children's requests appropriately.

6- Deal with the situation differently

Instead of dealing with things the traditional way, which usually leads to the anger you want to control, you can have a different approach to the current situation. Three methods can help you change the way you react to a problem:

Change of timing: If you find that at a particular time, you are in a state of fatigue, for example, when you finish your work, and you are used to disagreeing with your partner when you discuss anything during this time. You can change the timing and have conversations at another time during which you are quieter, in which case you will find your ability to manage the situation better.

Finding alternatives: In many cases, specific options cause anger. For example, you may become accustomed to falling out with your partner when discussing anything on the phone. Think of the discussion that would be better when you meet face to face. When you choose an alternative to the current situation, this often changes the outcome.

Avoidance: This is the final form of changing how you handle the situation by avoiding it altogether if available. You don't need to face all situations, especially when your case does not allow, so the best here is to prevent them now or forever if that is possible.

Anger management requires a lot of effort, and you may experience failure during this, but it is vital. This will help you maintain good relationships with others, and it will enable you to keep your healthy and handle situations appropriately.


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Behind every great man is a greater woman, this is one of the sayings that we are born, and we hear, but dear, can you remember one success story behind which there was a woman? Can I not? Do not worry. Today, on the occasion of International Women's Day, we will present to you 20 success stories of very great men who were behind them.

Some of the women whose stories we will remember today are very well known globally to everyone, but others whose stories are not famous enough. Far from their successes with their husbands, these women have success stories and struggles that make them no less than their very successful husbands.

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most famous directors when it comes to horror films in particular. Hitchcock reached this success primarily because of his wife standing next to him, and she is considered his right hand in almost everything he does. His wife Alma also works as a screenwriter and filmmaker. She can thank her for a handful of very famous and essential moments in the Hitchcock world because she has been reviewing the film and adding effects with a very keen eye, picking up the minor edits and adding them to the various scenes the film.

Coretta Scott King

Coretta is known as the first woman to defend civil rights and human equality worldwide to get to know her better. She is the wife of the famous and very well-known fighter Martin Luther King who followed his career and continued the struggle after his assassination. Unlike the widows of many prominent men, she was not known because of her grief over her late husband, Luther King, but rather that she founded and established the King's Center for Civic Studies Scholarship.

Princess Diana

We cannot summarize Princess Diana and her success in several minor lines. She needs volumes, and many series and documentaries talked about her life and her journey in general. Princess Diana is the wife of Prince Charles of the British royal family.

Princess Diana's death shook the world and is one of the assassinations or deaths unknown to this day and whose circumstances are still strange and unfamiliar to this day.

Princess Diana accompanied her husband, Prince Charles, in many international forums. She always charmed the audience at international conferences with her gorgeous heroine and exquisite speaking that she spoke a very fluent Japanese language on one of her visits to Japan.

It is reported that she challenged King Philip, the father of her husband, during her divorce, and it was a very famous case. King Philip threatened her that he would strip her of the title of Princess, and at that time, she said that her title is much older and more robust than her husband's father.

Dorothy Wordsworth

This time we will go out of the habit that we are talking about great men's wives. Still, this time we will talk about the sister of the great poet William Wordsworth, who used to write poetry many times for herself and the most famous work of which is her memoirs, which gave us a great glimpse into the life of her great poet brother.

Many times William Wordsworth quotes a lot of natural poetry from her and her diary, particularly the well-known poem The Daffodils, which he quotes from his sister's description of a type of plant.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

The wife of the highly famous US President Franklin Roosevelt is the most shadow of the first lady in the history of the United States of America ever to the point that he has been called the First Lady of the whole world.

She was the first presidential wife in the world to hold her entire press conferences apart from her husband, and she used to write for a newspaper periodically. She also spoke a lot about public opinion problems and disagreed with her husband, the American president.

Among her prominent positions was that she persuaded her husband to stay in the office when he was ill, and she used to make official visits and conferences on his behalf.

Queen Elizabeth

Better known as The Queen Mother, she was married to Duke Albert when he was Governor of York before, surprisingly he became King George VI and became Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth traveled on many trips around the United States of America and France before World War II. During the war, he appeared continuously to raise the spirits of the British people.

Hitler described her as the most dangerous woman in all of Europe, and it is a great title when it comes to someone like Hitler.

Eva Peron

She is the only woman on our list today whose fame surpassed her husband, Argentine President Juan Peron, to the extent that she received an official state funeral, something that was reserved for heads of state only, excluding the rest of the people.

Not only that, she was one of the champions of feminism among the Argentine people. She was the first to establish an entire women's party in Argentina to defend women's rights and end their suffering in Argentina. Opponents of her husband's judgment stole her body to accuse him and her.

Fatima Jinnah

Usually, when we describe a woman as the first lady of a nation or the mother of this nation, we are half the founder's wife, but in the case of Pakistan, the matter is different.

Mrs. Fatima is the sister of Pakistan's founder Muhammed Ali Jinnah. She played a significant role in Pakistan's liberation from Indian rule. She even ran for elections after the death of her brother. She would have won had it not been for some military intervention in the polls.


You must know Gorgo well, especially if you love movies. She appeared and had a starring role in the famous film 300 about the story of the Spartan army's standing in the face of the Persian invasion of it.

She was the wife of King Leonidas the First and gave birth to many princes and rulers of Sparta.

She traveled continuously with her husband in all his diplomatic missions. She provided him with a lot of political advice, and she was also known to be the first woman to decipher the secret messages where a private message came to Sparta covered with wax.

Jackie Kennedy

You must have known her by now, as she is US President John F. Kennedy's wife. She was assassinated and had a significant influence on the history of the United States and its people's awareness.

When the Russian Prime Minister came to America, and he should have greeted President Kennedy, as is the case in all customs, he refused and said that he wanted to greet it at the beginning before him.

Mrs. Jackie is the first to organize social parties in the White House, where she invites many artists and musicians to plan with diplomats and politicians of high standing. It has also worked hard to restore the White House to its original condition and repair much of the damage passed over time. When the Vice President took office after President Kennedy's assassination, she resolved to wear her husband's blood-stained suit after his assassination. Remind the Vice President of his fate and prove to the whole world that she is still in the covenant with her deceased husband.

Josephine Bonaparte

Josephine Bonaparte is the great Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's wife, who recommended that he be the French army leader. She was very charming, which made Napoleon fall in love with her, and her excellent insight and strategic mentality helped Bonaparte win many alliances and reach what he reached.

Kasturba Ghandi

She is the wife of the great thinker and peace advocate Gandhi. She stood next to him on his journey of struggle from India's beginning until they arrived in South Africa, where she was sentenced there with hard labor because she objected to the working conditions of Indians.

Mary Shelby

Mary Shelby is the great thinker Percy Shelley, who worked hard after his death to collect his scattered literary works. But she is the wife of the great poet, but she is the author of the novel Frankenstein, which transformed the world and promoted the idea of ​​science fiction.

Michelle Obama

She is the wife of US President Barack Obama and predecessor to Milana Trump, who was the First Lady of the United States until recently. Mrs. Michelle Obama defended many of the persecuted rights around the world and even spoke on more than one official occasion about the danger of obesity and awareness against it. She is also the first American first lady to be of African descent.


The wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep VI was solely responsible for the religious renaissance in Egypt during her reign, which made them worship one god instead of several gods. Unlike all the previous pharaohs' wives, Nefertiti continued to rule the country even after the death of her husband. And this is why you find her in most of the drawings appears on her head, the crown of the pharaoh, or while she leads the battle and the various wars, this matter makes us call her the first pharaoh, a lady to rule Egypt.

Nur Jahan

She is the wife of the Mughal Emperor Jehangir, who was believed to be the primary source of state rule and that she controlled the throne from behind closed curtains, especially during her husband's battle with alcohol and drugs. She also showed great physical strength, as she always participated in hunting trips with her husband. Also, she led the army in the battle against some of the rebels who managed to kidnap the emperor! And she was leading the fight from the top of her elephant.

Sophia Tolstoy

Sophia is a vivid example of how difficult living with a writer is. Although she endured her husband, Leo Tolstoy, in many of his bouts of depression, in addition to helping him work on his various novels, he eventually left her. Mrs. Sophia was a translator and a copier and model for Tolstoy to build all of his feminist personalities on. She also worked as a photographer to take over a thousand pictures of her life with Tolstoy and life in Russia before the Soviet Union.

Vera Nabokov

She is the wife of well-known writer Vladimir Nabokov. She worked as a translator for her husband and an editor, driver, and personal protection guard during his trip to hunt butterflies in the United States. He always described it as the light of his life and that without it, he would not have reached anything he had done and succeeded in it.

Winnie Mandela

The wife of the freedom fighter and South African President Nelson Mandela for more than 38 consecutive years, he was in prison for more than 27 of them. At that time, she was working as an official front for him, and she was constantly transmitting his speeches and statements from prison to the world.

At one point, she was arrested, then tortured, and placed under forced residence and solitary confinement.

Zelda Fitzgerald

A very well-known writer of fiction who made it into the women's hall of fame in 1992, she married the very great novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. The latter used her repeatedly against her desire to quote many of his characters, and which he spoke about continuously in his novels.

He relied on her so intensely for inspiration and quotation to read her diaries to relay them to his story continuously.

Dear men, each of you must have a great success story that includes a great lady who stood behind her husband and helped him succeed.

Header photo: Tim Graham


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Our ability to develop relationships with people determines the extent of success in our workplaces, studies, and our relationships outside of work and research; this is what young men and women seek in the prime of their lives.

Humans are not born with the natural abilities to develop and build great relationships with others. Instead, they are skills like any other skills that can be learned and mastered if one realizes the need and takes a lot of time and effort to develop.

My lady reassures you, young man and girl, that we can all build better relationships by clearing our minds and practicing some of the basic procedures necessary:

Be a great listener

We bond naturally with the people who listen to us

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Each one has the basic desire to be heard, but few of us learn how to be great listeners. Most likely, people thinking about what they want to say next to listen to what others say.

When you notice you do this, take a breath and correct your pattern by listening carefully. We naturally bond with the people who attend, and we like to spend time with them.

Ask the right questions

Show your understanding and repeat what the other says with your own words

Photo by Edmond Dantès from Pexels

We must let people know that we are hearing them is to make sure we first understand what they are saying. To do this, we go deeper and ask questions. We repeat what they said in our own words to make sure what we heard made sense. When others feel we are making an honest attempt to listen and understand them, they tend to share more with us; this deepens the relationship and puts us in the category of people who want to research and talk.

Focus on the whole person

When someone speaks, focus on their tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

We tend to remember and appreciate people who ask us if everything is okay, even if we don't tell them something is wrong, This tells us that they care about us, and we all want that.

When someone speaks, focus not only on the tone of their words but also on their facial expressions and body language .. Notice when someone's comments do not match their facial expressions or body language. Body language will open the doors to more in-depth, more meaningful conversations to develop trust and strengthen relationships.

Manage your feelings

Put your feelings aside temporarily for full listening

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Remembering people's names is the first step in building relationships, and recognizing other essential aspects continues in the building process. They will tell us what is vital in their life. All we have to do is listen and pay attention.

Manage your emotions..No matter how we feel. We must be able to put our feelings aside temporarily to listen and engage the significant others in our lives fully.

If we are going through a period when we feel strong emotions that prevent us from being full with the other person, it is better to let that person know what is happening to us than to pretend to listen. They will appreciate our honesty and openness.

Openness to others

Share the feelings of joy, sadness, and excitement with others

Photo by William Fortunato from Pexels

We all know people who tell us their entire life story in the first five minutes of our meeting, totally oblivious to the fact that we likely have no interest whatsoever in hearing it. To build strong relationships, we need to share our stories when appropriate and at a level that matches the relationship's depth.

Sharing excitement, joy, sadness, frustration, and disappointment helps connect us with others.

When possible, share an attitude from your own experience to show that you can relate to the other's experience, but don't let it overshadow their experience or compete with it. This requires sympathy and sensitivity to their feelings.

Be honest and confident

Ways to build strong relationships with others

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Young people building great relationships feel good about who they are and always look for the positive in their world. They want the best for others, and they want to see them succeed.

The energy of comfortable, optimistic, and positive people creates an atmosphere in which we feel good, want to be around, and spend time with people. They don't gossip about others and keep what we tell them a secret. Being confident in themselves, they don't feel the need to draw attention to themselves. They always have time for the significant others in their lives. They are life-long learners, still open, and look for opportunities for self-improvement.

Header photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels


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It only takes a glance; For someone to set you up when you meet him for the first time. In this short time, the other person will form an opinion based on your appearance, body language, behavior, thoughts, and how you dress.

With each new encounter, you are valued, and another person's impression of you is formed. It can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo these first impressions and often sets the tone for the next relationship ... So my lady says to every young man and woman that you must know how to make a great, good first impression. Here are some helpful tips to help you do just that with the Mindtools tool.

1. Punctuality

Arriving early is much better than arriving late.

Photo by Stas Knop from Pexels

The person you meet for the first time will not be interested in your “excuse” for being late. Plan to arrive a few minutes early, and give yourself extra time for potential traffic delays or making a wrong route. Arriving early is much better than arriving late and is the first step towards making a great first impression.

2. Introduce yourself appropriately

Your appearance is the first guide to making a first impression on you.

Photo by HARSH KUSHWAHA from Pexels

Of course, physical appearance matters. The person you meet for the first time does not know you, so your appearance is usually the first clue to making a first impression. This means that you need to form a strong, positive first impression.

The key to a good impression is to present yourself appropriately. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and therefore the “picture” you provide must explain your identity to the person you meet.

The proper dress also varies between countries and cultures, so you should pay special attention to when you are in an unfamiliar place or country. Make sure you know the traditions and customs by reading the different cultural norms.

3. Be yourself

Smile and be yourself

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

Yes, leaving a good first impression means that you need to some extent “fit.” But that doesn't mean losing yourself or pretending to be someone you are not. The best way to make a good impression is to be yourself. Doing so will make you feel more confident, help you build confidence, and gain respect and integrity from the people you meet. there's no such thing as a smile to create an excellent first impression. A warm and confident smile will comfort you and the other person. So smiling is a winner when it comes to great first impressions. But don't go overboard with it – people who overdo it may seem insincere.

4. Openness and self-confidence

Eye contact and a firm your confidence.

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When it comes to making an excellent first impression, body language often speaks louder than words.

Use your body language to show proper confidence and confidence. Stand up straight, smile, make eye contact, and be greeted with a firm handshake. All of this will help you demonstrate your enthusiasm and encouragement for yourself and the other person.

Almost everyone feels a little nervous when meeting someone for the first time. But this can lead to unwanted side effects. By becoming aware of your nervous habits, you can try to control them.

Be positive ... your attitude shines through in everything you do. So, show a positive attitude, even in the face of criticism or nervousness. Make sure to learn from your meeting and contribute appropriately. Finally, show that you can be connected by maintaining a lively style and smile!

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The travel sector's future is still threatened by the global pandemic that struck the world at the beginning of 2020. Yet, after the emergence of multiple vaccines and the announcement of their high effectiveness, this must impact the inherently active sector, which is reflected by the increased demand for booking next summer holidays.

As travel agents agreed on this year's difficulty, they also unanimously agreed that the beginning of last December witnessed a turning point in the reality of flight reservations. Nowhere is a list of what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” said was the best international tourist destinations in 2021, with attractive offers:


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The 4-star Globales Santa Lucia Hotel is located on Son Matias' sands and the beaches of Palmanova in southwestern Mallorca. It is ideal for a vacation by the sea, and as for the cost of accommodation, seven days means that you will pay 741 pounds if you book for your holiday in July.

To get a deal between July 28 and August 23, another hotel, the 3-star Oceano on the Costa Teguise, is close to the beach, with water sports and hiking nearby, and there you'll pay £ 499 for a 7-day stay.

For a fun winter and a different experience ... Japan is an ideal tourist destination.



For a wellness break, you can go hiking and cycling at Club Med La Rosiere in the shadow of Mont Blanc.

The cost of 7 nights for a family of 4 in July is £ 3876.

Disney dream

Enjoy the world of magic and amusement park tours when you stay in “Magic Circus” in Paris, which is only 10 minutes away by free bus from “Disneyland Paris,” The cost of staying seven nights will be £ 461 in June.


Some Italian hotels have lowered their prices to attract tourists to return to the next summer so that you can take advantage of these advantages.

A paradise for all travelers... The most beautiful tourist places in Greece


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Enjoy a family vacation in style at the 5-star Forte Village Sardinia Hotel, which has excellent facilities for children, including water games. For the price, you will pay £ 2739 for seven nights with two meals for two adults and one child, including excursions Air.


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Stay in an elegant two-bedroom apartment in L'Escipina in the seaside resort of Marina di Ragusa in southern Sicily for a family holiday with swimming pools, children's play areas a nearby beach.

You'll pay £ 5,000 for a family of 4 for a 7-day stay, including flights and car rental.


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Stay at the five-star Grand Muthu Forte Da Oura in Albufeira, close to the beach, and enjoy a walk.

You'll pay about £ 1,600 to spend seven nights for a family of 4 on the Bristol flights in August.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of the remote hills above the Mira River in the Alentejo region while staying in the Herdade do Freixial apartments, with multiple swimming pools and beautiful gardens. In which case you would pay about £ 1150 for bed and breakfast for 7 nights for four in August, including car rental.


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The tranquil island of Kalamata is an ideal getaway in Croatia, as you will stay in the only four-star hotel in the isle of Tui Blue Kalamata, and it takes 25 minutes by boat to reach Dubrovnik's Old Town.

The price for this 7-night vacation is £ 1,330, including accommodation and meals.

Photo by Palo Cech from Pexels

As for the five-star Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, it has luxurious rooms, infinity pools, a spa, and a great view of the ancient city of Rovinj.

The price for a 7-night stay is £ 1,460, with flights and transfers.


Surrounded by palm and olive trees, the Columbia Bay Beach Resort overlooks Pissouri Bay's calm waters. It is suitable for families with its facilities including golf, tennis, water sports, kids 'clubs, and several swimming pools. For seven nights' accommodation and breakfast, you will pay £ 925.

It is also possible to book a villa, “Stella Maris” near the mountains of Paphos. You will enjoy fantastic sea views in addition to your pool and beach access, and for seven nights, you will pay 955 pounds.

Learn about the tourist destination most Saudis are looking for for the summer of 2021


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The Khao Lak Merlin Beach Resort is a four-star hotel nestled in tranquil tropical gardens, yet close to visiting the bustling local markets, surrounded by rainforests overlooking the Andaman Sea.

Seven nights can be spent for £ 1144.

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

One can stay at Six Senses Samui for lovers of luxury, which has many swimming pools, elegant restaurants, a spa, and views across the Gulf of Thailand. The cost of staying there for seven days with two meals is £ 5945 for two adults and one child with flights. And transfers.

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The students didn't feel there was anything strange about a new tutoring assistant named “Jill Watson,” who was emailing them about jobs, assignments, and deadlines in the Artificial Intelligence class of Professor Ashok Joel at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Her responses were brief but informative, and students did not know that it was a virtual aid and not really until after the semester ended.

Jill was a chatbot that Joel designed to help take the burden off his eight other real aides.

Dr. Goel said, “The goal was to build a virtual teaching assistant that answers common students' questions, usually have clear answers, and then to engage the human assistants in complex questions. Open discussions with the students, but later we became enthusiastic about building a teaching assistant using human-like AI,” So that students cannot easily differentiate between him and the real human. This helps enhances student participation, performance, and learning. “

Joel added: Artificial intelligence is integrated into all aspects of our lives, and we will not always be aware when we are dealing with it. Also, the impact of artificial intelligence on education will be evident in the coming years, as these systems enter classrooms everywhere.

As computers and Internet have changed the shape and manner of the educational process, what, why, and how – education. Artificial intelligence will change the system again, as robots will teach students instead of real teachers, and smart systems will provide advice, education, and correct assignments as well. Simultaneously, school materials themselves will be radically changed as the teachers' role will be to prepare students for a job market in which millions of jobs are powered by machines.

AI-assisted education may seem like a thing from the distant future, but it is truly a topic that interests academics and companies alike. Artificial intelligence-powered educational games have flooded the market over the past few years, many of them via crowdfunding platforms.

“There are high expectations for AI games,” says Danny Friedman, Director of Curriculum and Experience at Elemental Bath. I anticipate it every semester as a supplementary learning tool, and it is not only integrated into the teaching curriculum. It is still linked to the student's data, such as preferred learning methods and areas of interest. I also expect it in every household to help answer questions and help teach social interactions. Artificial intelligence games will be everywhere like cell phones.”

Smart educational systems will also help rid teachers of the tedious task of correcting papers in science, social studies, and mathematics subjects. Where AI systems can answer complex math equations and inquiries in an informative language, teachers' new task will focus on education's aspects.

Photo by Amina Filkins from Pexels

When it comes to AI in teaching and learning, many routines and less rewarding academic tasks for lecturers can be automated, such as correcting assignments.

Researcher Mark Dodgson, Director of the Center for Technology and Innovation Management, University of Queensland Business School, and David Jan, Vice President of Imperial College, wrote in a report on artificial intelligence and higher education for the World Economic Forum: Once a student reaches high school, he may enter His first year along with what education experts in the Pearson report call a “life-long learning companion” for the past nine years, this digital companion has accompanied him in class, helps him with his homework, and learns with him.

A learning partner – which may be in the form of a robot or, more likely, something more refined, like a smartphone app – may sometimes act as a student in its own right, allowing the human student to teach him what he or she has learned and help advance his knowledge.

“This companion will be available to the student throughout their education at any time,” said Wayne Holmes, co-author of the Pearson Report and a lecturer at the Open University Institute of Educational Technology. “He may suggest to them what work they can do or support them on work they find difficult. It will also provide information to the teacher. The teacher can participate ... the idea is that over time a learning buddy can build this personal profile that can be used to support them moving forward.

Holmes insisted that these digital learning partners aim to support teachers, not replace them. Educators are expected to have their virtual assistants to make their jobs more comfortable and more effective.

Teachers will have their buddy, and they have their virtual teaching assistant with artificial intelligence technology. He said, adding: “The student's companion and the virtual teaching assistant for the teacher will communicate together so that the teaching assistant knows what is going on in the student's profile so that he can interact with him.”

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

By the time a student enrolls in a university, we will have the product of two “brains,” if you will: those in the student's brain, and the artificial intelligence that you developed as a learning partner during his school years. And at the university itself, AI will be ubiquitous – as virtual assistants for teachers in the classroom, as support technicians in the registry, and even as academic advisors.

This year, the Technical University of Berlin used an automatic chat program called “Alex” to help students plan their course schedules.

Theo Michael, a current Ph.D. student at Technical University of Berlin who designed the system as part of his master's studies, said

: “I believe the advantages of an automated chat system are completeness and availability of information. “Where chatting software tries to translate students' questions into searchable queries, just as a human advisor does, but has all the information available at once. Human consultants will need to research various systems online and provide an incomplete set of information.

Michael emphasized that the system is not designed to replace humans. He said: “The system can answer practical questions about the available courses and specializations, but it is unable to answer the questions on a larger level.” “I think the system can be used well in conjunction with counseling to get the best of both worlds.”

Speaking outside of traditional educational institutions, AI will be able to make education accessible to more people.

In developing regions, where teachers are few and far between, a robust educational system with artificial intelligence technology can teach students with very little or no human participation.

The X Prize Foundation, which designs competitions on the moon, is currently providing $ 10 million to the team developing the best basic educational app capable of replacing a teacher for children with access to a tablet but no human educator. In June, eleven finalists were selected from Nearly 200 teams participated in the competition. Using artificial intelligence, the winning system will likely be supported by X Prize to provide more specialized and dynamic lessons.

However, we have to pay our full attention to the ethical issues that must be considered and addressed before the full implementation of the AI ​​system.

For example, in education, teachers will have to consider the privacy and confidentiality of the data collected, especially when this data relates to children. Who will own the information? Who will be able to access it?

“There is no clear answer to this problem, but it is a problem that must be taken into account,” Holmes said.

Before raising an entire generation with the help of virtual teaching buddies, psychologists must understand the effects of this system on development. Will students rely on technology? What happens if the system crashes or fails? Indeed tricky but well worth the effort to answer questions about our most significant resource's future – the minds of future generations of humanity.

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There is a set of things that a woman would prefer to do to win the love of her husband; sometimes, men indicate that they need one or two of them to feel happy in their marital life, but research has shown that there are several things women must do to win a heart Her husband.

In the following, we review a set of the main things that a man would like his wife to do for him to gain his love, and which it is recommended that wives take into account to enjoy a strong and healthy marital relationship.


While intimate relationships are among the most important things for men in marital relationships, the feeling of his wife's love for him, and the presence of gentle feelings between them increases his attachment to her. A woman can show her love for him through various actions such as holding his hand in public places, sending messages telling him that she misses him after leaving the house, massaging his shoulders while sitting next to her. He also tells him how much she loves him, encouraging him when he doubts something or apologizing when he committed a mistake.

Confidence in his abilities

Men believe that their first and main job is to protect and support their loved ones, so a woman should let her husband know that she trusts his abilities and skills and is always supportive of him. The woman must make sure that her encouragement and support for her husband is the most important. Men always like to feel like adults and not be treated like young children.


When a man feels that his wife understands him and can communicate with her, he becomes more able to solve problems, and his interest in her increases. One of the most important ways to help you understand is by committing to daily conversations. The conversation does not need to last for 20 minutes. Still, it is better to be positive, talk about important matters in it, or recall some good memories, including how you got to know each other and what things you prefer to do in an intimate relationship.


Men like to feel that their wives value them. Women can do simple things like kissing him, emphasizing her admiration for him as a person, showing how much she appreciates his dedication to his work, thanking him for caring for the family, and praising his ability to communicate with others.


We all want to feel accepted and not want the other person to change us. Men feel sorry when they feel that their wives want to change anything about them. It affects their security and self-confidence. Dear woman, to enhance the feeling of acceptance of your husband, you will have to do some simple things, such as showing your understanding and acceptance of his faults, not sticking to your opinion if there is a difference between you, and emphasizing your love for him regardless of what happens between you.


Establishing a successful, long-term relationship needs respect. One of the most important ways for a wife to show her love and respect for her husband is to listen to him while talking and stop interrupting him, as well as avoid commenting negatively about his thoughts, beliefs, and opinions, taking into account his plans and agenda, and speaking positively and optimistically about his desires and needs.

Personal space

Everyone needs a personal space to do what they want on their own, recharge their energy, and communicate with themselves. So, when your husband arrives home after a long day at work, give him some time to rest without asking questions or having any discussion about necessary issues. Give him a chance to get a rest on the holidays and don't plan too many activities.


Trust is essential and indispensable for the success of marital relationships. People who establish a relationship based on trust often enjoy a healthy relationship that lasts longer, so couples must be frank, discuss all topics and issues together, and learn how to resolve conflicts without insulting the other. Building trust takes time, and over the years, couples will learn how to keep their promises and show love, appreciation, and respect for the other.


Tell your husband that he is not only your lover but also your friend. Maintaining your friendship over the years requires finding ways to do fun activities together and having new and different experiences all the time.

At the same time, you need to know how to have arguments and conversations with each other and not take your spouse's presence in your life for granted. Spouses should make small sacrifices to please each other, with practice in using kind words and showing gratitude daily.

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Individuals are the most important resource for companies. Because this is a fact that everyone knows, the economic conference had to witness the recommendation of managing people within the set of skills required for the future. Of course, this position may be performed by a leader and part of corporate human resources management.

Thus, working on acquiring the skills of individuals is an important thing to prepare for the future. People management includes activities that will deal with everything related to individuals within the work environment, whether acquiring talent, retaining them, and working to improve them. In each of these stages, there is a different set of tasks that must be performed, which ultimately results in investing individuals in the best possible way.

How can you develop people management skills at work?

As we mentioned, it is not a condition that managing people is related to your being the current leader of the team. Still, it is a skill that you may always need. Even if you decide to move away from the usual jobs and create your own company, you will most likely need a team to help you implement your idea, thus developing people management skills. It becomes essential to be able to succeed in this matter.

Learn how to empower employees

Empowerment helps in developing individuals' skills and increasing their productivity, so one of the most important things that help you in managing people is your knowledge of appropriate ways to empower and train them, whether at the beginning of work or with time while giving them the resources they need to carry out the tasks required of them.

Empowerment also includes providing constructive and continuous feedback to encourage individuals' development and provide various learning opportunities, whether by nominating suitable resources for this or through training them. If you can assign them new tasks with different difficulties, this increases their capabilities.

Focus on active listening

*Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash*

One of the most important skills in people management is acquiring the ability to listen effectively. It removes barriers in transactions and makes the person feel interested. When someone comes to you to share his point of view, question, or whatever he has, and you start to listen to him, use eye contact, gestures, and ask questions and phrases that express the person's complete understanding and try to help him, he feels appreciated for this interest.

Be flexible in different situations

Dealing with individuals is not without changing situations, and therefore it is necessary to be flexible so that you can deal with these situations properly. Flexibility includes trying to accommodate different people's needs and requests, such as asking to amend a specific schedule or working remotely.

Flexibility helps you make the right decisions and analyze individuals' results to see the impact of actions for each person separately, so you can think of customized solutions for each instead of dealing with everyone in the same manner.

Learn how to manage disputes within the work environment:

As long as you work with individuals, there is always a possibility of conflicts and disagreements between them, and therefore it is important to learn how to manage these disputes by analyzing the causes that led to their occurrence and listening to the different opinions, and then intervening between the two parties Dispute to reach a compromise.

Develop your communication skills

One of the most important skills that facilitate people management is communication, which enables you to deal with team members and work together to accomplish various tasks. The more communication skills you have, the more you can develop the communication system between you and remove any expected barriers, making sure everyone understands exactly what is required of him.

How can you take advantage of the skill of people management at work?

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

When you implement the steps for developing people management skills, you will increase the ability to employ them in your work in various forms, even if you are only an employee.

Dealing with disputes at work

You can employ people management to mediate in resolving disputes that occur between employees, even if this is not part of your tasks, but you will have the ability to manage the dispute in a way that depends on the respect of both parties and makes it easier for them to reach the appropriate solution.

Employee training

By developing your empowerment capacity, you will learn how you can work on employee training, whether by providing training on your own and developing your own curricula for this in the event your job permits or through your constant search for resources that you can provide for them to learn from.

Managing tasks execution deadlines

One of the greatest difficulties that everyone faces at work is the issue of commitment to carrying out the tasks on time, but through your ability to manage people and with your flexibility, you will have the ability to develop this matter and set appropriate dates for the implementation of each task, and thus the implementation All tasks are on schedule.

Developing the company culture

People management enables you to bring about change in the work environment and develop the company culture to be compatible with all the individuals present, contributing to achieving all the required goals.

Always remember that leadership is not a rank you get, but it is a position that you may acquire through your skills and what you advance at work. Therefore, people management's skill does not depend on the time you work in a management position but focus on acquiring it as a skill within the future indispensable skills, which will make you able to achieve success at work.

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