Fruitful dialogue between couples and spouses

Dialogue is one of the most essential characteristics of cohesive relations or families who can solve their problems through

positive communication. One of the advantages of the discussion is that it shortens many distances between the spouses and controls most of the potential issues between them. Its absence is considered a disease in itself that may lead to a lack of marital relationship or its loss.

To relieve psychological suffering caused by suppression of feelings; Whereas they should not only agree on dialogue to resolve any disagreement between them. But they must and should pay attention to the discussion in all matters of their lives; Therefore, the spouses must master the ideal way for discussion, to renew the communication between them, and to follow the technical method for debate through some points.

Artistic dialogue between the spouses

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1- Good listening and a full chest, and the other must improve the acceptance or acceptance; Because if each of them is intolerant of his opinion, the dialogue does not increase them except after dimension, drought, and congestion.

2- If the dialogue is on solid and sound foundations, it must leave its positive value, regardless of the differences between moods, tendencies, opinions, and desires. Still, each of them must respect the other's opinion because the difference of view does not spoil friendliness an issue.

3- Avoid mocking and cynicism, not following the exaltation method in dialogue, and detracting from the other’s affair. They must choose the words that each one uttered, and they should not be hurt.

4- The spouses must know that by provoking one another, dialogue may develop and turn into a fight. The result is that the voices rise in the ears of children or neighbors, so calm should be exercised during the dialogue and reduce the voice. The more in-depth the discussion, the more profound.

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5- During the dialogue, the spouses, must show restraint, patience, and anger, and if one offends them, an apology is not an understatement.

6- If one of them is angry, the other should listen to him calmly, and not ask him to calm him down.

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7. The spouses must be pardoned and forgiving, and the tongue lapses do not store us during anger. Until he calms down to complete the conversation well; Where the urgency at the time of the response is a fatal mistake because the right words reduce the severity of congestion at the dialogue and soften the iron.

8- You must listen to the end and not interrupt both dialogues; Because a lot of problems are solved by listening only; So that one does not believe that the truth is with him and that the other is far from the truth.

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9 – Neither of them should use the method that is outside the etiquette of dialogue, as many have done as freedom of opinion and interpret it in his own way, so he missed the literature of liberty that he talks about, and therefore the interlocutor, whether one of the spouses or others, must characterize his sincerity in the dialogue, and then believe him with Himself, and to enjoy his value as a good example, must do what he says.

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