“This will make you fall asleep. Please count down from ten.” “10...9...8...” Then she was awake from what felt like momentary unconsciousness. She saw a nurse writing something down at the corner of her hazy vision.

“Your vitals are good. You may try moving around now.” “Thank you.” Answered Noelle softly, her gaze yet not focused. She stared far beyond somewhere behind the nurse's eyes.

Her dimpled crescent smile rested on her new countenance. She then tapped her fingers to a musical beat. Her yet feeble muscles contracted and relaxed to her accord. It vibrated a little as it tensed.

She squeezed her feet and moved her toes one by one. She felt the pressure of the heels resting on the medical bed. It created subtle dents to the impeccable white, light green dotted sheets.

She felt the gentle rise of her belly as she let air in. The life-breathing oxygen held little meaning to her now synthetic body. Yet she breathed in for the survival of her brain. The parasympathetic nervous system of her wired body beat along, unaware of its new shell. It kept the clock cycles ticking so as long as her brain desired that she breathe.

She pulled her knees upward with great force, her muscles contracting to defy gravity. Her torso swayed a little as she ledged herself into a sitting position. She let out gentle pant from the exertion. Her symbiotic body had yet to be able to coordinate properly.

She sat there for a few moments, existing. The exhaling breath of her nostrils gently tickled her temples. Her right hand lay on her right feet, the other on her right wrist. Their fingers sensed her soft skin with a delicate touch.

She then hummed some impromptu melody. The flutters of her vocal cord converged into a harmonic rhythm. Its thin fabrics oscillated in bioidentical resonance. It felt the same, only better, for she no longer had to twist and contract her apparatus to speak.

With heightened control over her limbs, she touched her body erratically. She cradled her bosoms, the oh-so-fabled comfort cushions that she had only dreamed of. She felt the slender line of her neck and the gentle dent in her waist.

Every wrinkle and curve as she had imagined. Identical to her dreams. She had found the destination of her inexplicable lifelong homesickness. For the first time in her life, she existed in a body that was designed female from its inception.

Then she let out tears. She sobbed silently.