Adding a Comment Box to a Blog

The Finished Product, A Working Commentbox

Adding a comment box to any blog is probably a good idea. It lets your readers speak to you directly, discuss whatever you've written. That's fun.

At the moment of writing, Matt, the lead designer – and god of the circuits – for is working on a sub-product called, an easy plug-and-play comment box, designed specifically for;

However, I'm not one to wait, and reasonable alternatives exist.

For this demonstration, we'll be using commento. Commento is a more privacy-aware and ad-free alternative to Disqus (that shitty comment box you say on almost every half-baked blog) that's backed by funding from the Mozilla foundation.

Simply create an account, and on the dashboard, click β€œNew Domain.”

A Commento Dialog Box Asking for Domain Information

You'll need to use either a subdomain, or your own custom domain. You can't use a sub-directory, like my blog does.


Next, they'll tell you to stick this code wherever you want the box to show up. This won't work with, since doesn't allow the <script> tag.

Instead, you'll have to take the JavaScript located here, and insert it into the JavaScript box for your site.

Write.As Custom Javascript Box

Now getting a comment box to appear is as simple as adding <div id="commento"></div> wherever you think it'd look the nicest.

This isn't the nicest, cleanest way to do something like this, but it works, and it's the best solution until is a finished product.

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