Have you played?... Donsol

Donsol Gif

I haven't had the time to sit down and really play any sort of serious game recently. Not that I've truly been all that terribly busy – It's just the only thing I've had any inkling of interest in playing is Donsol, a solitaire-like card game from the ocean-based studio Hundred Rabbits.

It's premise is simple – the cards represent a dungeon – Diamonds are shields, Hearts are potions, Spades & Clubs are monsters – that you must vanquish. The rules, while simple, create a deviously complicated array of options and much like solitaire your win to loss ratio will be lacking until you get in practice.

There isn't a ton to it, but it's a hell of a time sink (and I believe a worthy time sink), plus at only $2.00 it's pretty hard to pass up and well worth the cost.

You can purchase it here.

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