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I love; it quickly became my home for blogging after only a few hours of tinkering. However, I've always done my writing in VIM, and as clean as the web interface is, I still found myself doing all the grunt work in VIM and then pasting it onto the site.

Not very efficient.

@matt pointed me towards the API, and it was a cinch to write up some vimscript and python to post from VIM to directly.

Hence, I wrote This Plugin


The easiest way to install this plugin is, as usual, via a package manager like Pathogen or Vundle (My personal favourite being Vundle)

Then, just add:

Plugin 'internationa1/write-as.vim


" Writeas User Info
let g:writeas_u = 'YOUR_USERNAME'
let g:writeas_p = 'YOUR_PASSWORD'
let g:writeas_b = 'YOUR BLOG'

into the top and bottom of your ~/.vimrc, respectively.

Then, while you're editing a markdown file in vim, it's as easy as executing

:BlogPost TITLE

To upload said file to your blog.

Anonymous posts are as easy as typing :AnonPost Title as well.

Other Plugins

vim-surround is great for easily manipulating quotes and brackets.

vim-pencil is a must have if you intend to do any sort of writing in vim whatsoever.

goyo Turns VIM into a slick distraction free writer akin to WriteMonkey.

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