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Since launching blogs last year, we've heard from several people that they'd like to be able to have static or persistent pages on their blog, for creating things like an About or Contact page.

As you can see on our roadmap, we're working on this feature now. In our normal style, it'll be a tiny addition that works by letting you “pin” individual posts to your blog, adding a link to the top of its home page, without any extra work from you. Any pinned post's title will become the link text, and for now, they'll be added in the order you pin them in. Later, we plan to make it easier for you to rearrange them.

Pro users will see this new feature as soon as we launch it within the next week.

A URL is is the first thing someone sees before reading your posts on Right now they can be a little unwieldy:

Yikes. We're not even sure why we thought 16 characters were necessary. Maybe we were a bit overzealous.

So we'd like to make them into something simpler, like this:

Ah, that's better.

Casual and Pro users will see this in the coming weeks.

We're considering hiding non-HTTPS images on blogs by default, with some sort of “show” button nearby, for users to click if they're okay with loading insecure content. This would impact a few things:

  • Readers would always see the lock icon in their browser on all non-custom-domain blogs
  • Anyone who's embedded insecure images would need to host their images securely to prevent them from being replaced with some sort of “insecure image hidden” message (or one less scary-sounding)

Because it could adversely affect some writers, we want to make sure most everyone is on board with / prepared for this change. It is ultimately better for everyone, both writers and readers, and falls in line with our goals to support a more widely-secure internet. While we are launching an image hosting product soon (, it's not the primary reason for this idea, and it will be just one of many options for users to securely host images for their blogs.

Let us know what you think of this change, especially if you think it'll negatively affect you.


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