The State of

In April we were putting on the finishing touches to make its own product, usable without a account. This was going to be our next step into our overall ecosystem's design: separate, but integrated products.

However, as we dug in and put code to silicon, we saw the reality of what this would involve: separate user accounts, user data created on each platform in different sequences, the need for data synchronization, coordinated billing between the two platforms (especially as accounts are created or deleted), and generally a rethinking of how we structured a lot of the backend.

Because of this, we're skipping over standalone accounts for now, and focusing on the features we were planning for our big launch anyway, like our developer API and better photo management. We'll also make it easier for folks to start a account via, so we can continue growing the platform without all these major changes.

Otherwise, we'll continue working out how all these pieces can fit together to build the ecosystem of small, simple, and composable products we've been imagining.