Upcoming Mastodon and ActivityPub support

Next up on our roadmap is support for cross-posting to Mastodon!

If you haven't seen yet, our little Mastodon instance Writing Exchange has been growing into a nice little community lately (I'm active over there @matt).

I think federated services like Mastodon are what the web really needs, so I'm excited to add it as our next new publishing channel. We'll launch support in a few different working stages:

Once this is all done, we'll start on ActivityPub support. That will let you directly interact with the fediverse by optionally making your blog itself an account that people can follow and interact with from Mastodon (or any other service that speaks ActivityPub) — imagine a handle like @matt@write.as or @janedoe@write.as. You can see what this will look like in action on PeerTube, where people can soon comment on videos via Mastodon — it's really cool.

ActivityPub support is also a major milestone in our work towards an open source, fully-federated blogging platform — a distant goal of ours. There will be more information about that soon, but for now, keep an eye out for Mastodon cross-posting!

~ Matt