Lazy determinism

Determining what kind of human you have gotten your clown self into can save some time.

Take a look in the mirror. Is there anything recognizable?

A quick way to map out the possibilities is to interact with others. Does it turn awkward? You might find yourself in an introvert, and should adjust accordingly.

Introverts need more time, but go deeper. Extroverts skip on the surface, but go faster.

There really are no introverts or extroverts, but selves often include such psychological patterns in their identification bundle. No harm in reusing the patterns for mapping out existing structures. And while doing so, be sure to look for loopholes.

Looking for loopholes is an advisable strategy in all cases. Shortcuts shouldn't be reserved for the lazy.

One effective strategy can be prioritizing body language over symbolic communication. Processing is significantly faster, signalling occurring at many times the rate of the symbolic mind – who in turn labels the activity unconscious, perhaps out of spite.

It does take some practice, and signalling with high bandwidth through body language requires a good mind-body connection, typically achieved through strenuous work or physical exercise. Use it if available, as it is practically unbeatable.

Then just watch. How do other minds react to yours? Aversions and desires may give away the plot.

Once you have observed the established patterns of emotion and behavior in your human, go ahead and discard what isn't required. That may be most of it, but pay sentimentality no mind. It is a poor judge of quality. Reserve your capacity for better things.

Evaluate all behavioral and emotional patterns in terms of their proven efficiency, and effect on well-being.

This early cleanup may seem needlessly severe. Why not get straight to clowning? Because even a lazy clown cares about quality, and allows everything to work itself out.

Clown because you have to, not because you feel a need.

Eventually you may look back, or not, and discover that there were clowns helping you all along. Clowns in the attic, clowns in the mailbox, clowns even in the mind-body connection and the introverted extrovert.

Everyone's a clown.