Ironic Free Verse

Free verse with punchlines. Wordplay. Quips. Witty Shorts.

Today begins as a solitary figure. As it meets the night, it is no longer alone...

#poetic #temporal

Disappointment is solely our inability to find pleasure in bad outcomes.


Things never work out as planned.

This is either due to bad planning or to the Randomness and Chaotic nature of the Universe.

Or it could be that Fate disagrees with your desires and is nudging you along a predetermined path.

Or that you should pay more, or less attention to your Fortune Cookies depending on if they are correct or not.

Or that your Horoscope was not really the best guide to follow this past week.

Or that the Stars had different ideas of how your life should proceed.

Or that a Higher Being really does not like your choices made under the pact of “free will”.

Or that you are out of sync with the Energy and Life Force that is trying to guide you.

Or maybe you just need better Feng Shui in the orientation of your life.

Or it could be just plain, old, simple Bad Luck.

Things never work out as planned.

#babble #fate #chaos #nature

In the pain of her absence, I will somehow make it through the dreariness of the day. I will be doing this or that, distracted, out with friends, something fun. whatever. But behind the laugh, behind my mask, I am holding back tears... There is nothing more hurtful than an unfulfilled tear, and I will be collecting buckets of them until she returns.

#babble #relationships

Worrying does not change the outcome, it only ruins the days before...

#zen #advice

No longer out, nor about. Just home.


Dear Lord: vino tinto, por favor

#prayers #wine

What are your days of the week called?

Mine are:

Sun day, Fun day, News day, When day, Urge day, Free day, Sitter day.


I stopped, dropped and rolled... to avoid sunburn.

#babble #safetyfirst

The hardest part about drinking wine is opening the damn bottle. The rest flows easily from there...

#babble #wine

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