Top Tips to Find Extraordinary Amalfi Coast Vacation Packages

Amalfi Coast Vacation Packages

Southern Italy is a top vacation destination for a reason. Its coastline overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Salerno, which is popular among locals and tourists for the classic Mediterranean landscape. And luckily for you, you can enjoy all of this with the best Amalfi Coast vacation packages!

Searching for the perfect Amalfi Coast vacation packages

Amalfi Coast is found on the steeper side of Southern Italy’s coastlines, right by the Sorrentine Peninsula. But don’t expect to reach it so quickly. There is only one land route to the Coast:A 40-kilometer stretch of land named the Amalfi Drive.

Instead of playing hitchhiker or waiting long lines at the bus stop, you should book an Amalfi Coast vacation package to cross the issue of transportation off your list. But how can you find the best tours as you plan your itinerary? Here are some tips:

Think about your goals

Amalfi Coast may be small, but it doesn’t lack tourist spots for you to visit. That’s why you should know where you want to go before booking a trip.

Do you prefer a laid-back itinerary that allows you to savor Amalfi’s best dishes? Or are you the more adventurous type, itching to stroll around Positano’s alleys and cruise through the Praiano and Conca dei Marini? Choosing a vacation package is all about enjoying the experiences you want to enjoy.

Consider your timing

Amalfi has your typical Mediterranean weather, characterized by dry summers and wet winters. And as much as possible, you’d want to visit the coastline between these seasons. April to June are great times to schedule your Amalfi Coast vacation. These months have just the right amount of warmth. Meanwhile, if you prefer the cold, September is the perfect month!

Note your budget

Finally, make sure to prepare your wallet for the trip! You can’t expect to book a luxurious tour around the Amalfi Coast without the proper budget, including money for essentials such as accommodation, food, transport, and entry fees.