All fired up with nothing to say


God, I love starting new blogs. I spent the past few days digging into and getting comfortable with the idea of doing most of my longer-form writing here. I made a plan.

And yet, I've been staring at a blank, New Post screen since yesterday. I don't know what this is even for. After all, most of my writing for the past year has been nothing more than random daily notes. No message, no brand, no schedule, no goal. It's been just me blurting out whatever comes to mind. I haven't needed to come up with titles for every post. I haven't needed my writing to be coherent, let alone well-written.

I don't enjoy writing formal, important things. I don't enjoy going too deep into any one topic. I like to just messily bounce around and jot down what I'm interested in at the moment.

Having a separate, Capital-B Blog adds a lot of pressure that I don't need.

I do enjoy writing, though. I love sitting at a keyboard and just letting it out as it happens. Whatever that might be. Maybe that's good enough. This is as good a place as any for that. Maybe I don't need to have something to say.