i'm the basement on a monday night. that's not unusual; i'm usually in the basement, monday night or not. i'm drinking a light beer which is unusual but not in the sense that i usually drink heavy beer but that i don't really like drinking alcohol much at all. for a monday, monday wasn't bad. i had an eclectic mix of things to do around the house and one of those things included going into my crawlspace to check on my plants. what kind of plants? the weed kind. xxxx i got a pair of fake basketball jerseys in the mail today. there's a whole industry of fake shitty jerseys on the internet except they're not that shitty if you don't play basketball or even watch basketball. i wanted something cool to wear on my back deck and i got that. the bigger point, though, is that i wonder what it's like to work in a fake jersey factory. if they don't care about intellectual property do they care about worker rights? when people who work there go home—or do they go home?— and hang out with their friends or family do they say 'hey it was a great day at the fake jersey factory, made some really real looking fake ones but my boss wouldn't let me eat.' i suppose a job's a job right.