stream of consciousness

it's friday at 10:52 a.m. and i'm almost done my coffee. i'm not an early-morning person, so this is my wake-up hour. (my bones are creaky, so it takes a bit of oil to get them going.) it snowed last night, which it hadn't done yet this fall, but it looks like sub-freezing temperatures are here to stay. right now a white cat ran up to my front door. beautiful cat. had a red collar on that contrasts nicely with its white coat. i hope it's not lost, and i hope the owner one day keeps it inside, because cats are our friends and shouldn't be left to the harsh realities of a winnipeg winter, or fall, or summer, or spring. keep your kitties inside. i have plans to read and write today, which i've been doing a lot lately, because reading and writing are one and the same and if you want to get better at both you need to do both as much as possible. this morning i finished a section of fiction featured in Harper's october issue. it's about a husband and wife having a conversation on a transatlantic flight from somewhere in europe to newark, new jersey. the husband keeps reading the flight details on the headrest screen in front of him while the wife writes thoughts about their european trip in her journal. if you like the psychoanalysis of two upper-middle class people fighting in subtext, grab this month's Harper's because it's a good story. ok, now i'm going to finish the rest of this coffee and read a bit more. then i need to get the outdoor taps winterized. (that's a fancy way of saying 'unscrew hose from tap'.)