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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Typewriter Tuesday, a limited series of posts where I show you typewriters I own.

Today's typewriter is a Spanish-made 1960s Olivetti Studio 44. It looks rad, types 95% of the time without messing up, and the clacking sound it makes is dope.

(I'm not a technically astute typewriter-er. It just needs to look neat and feel good when I clickity-clack the keys.)

If you'd like to see it in action, here's one of my favourite YouTube typewriter channels showing it off:


The author (right) and his brother meeting Santa Claus. Date unknown, but there's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweatpants so probably 1990 or something.


What's Creating Today?

“I saw this during a semi-mild psychedelic trip of psilocybin. The important part of the vision was connecting the water below and the sky above in a balanced vertical display. Both the water and sky carried their own heavy level of visual intricacy. Layers of reflections, motion and dark depth in the water and layers of light, clouds, air in the sky. Connecting the two were all of the creation in between, earth, plants, life as we know it. The spirits watch down over all, separate from the physical but always curious about the worldly happenings. Slowly churning into the Infinite spiral.”

Nathan Giordano, artist

(You should check out the artist's shop, too.)


suburban views of snow and stucco.


Baby Yoda holding a candy cane. Holiday spirit stitched together in a factory far, far away.


Bonesy is really digging last night's snowfall.


OK last 'picture of a book I bought secondhand' series of posts. I promise. But what a mint copy of On Writing.

Now, I've never read a Stephen King novel. I also took On Writing out from the library last year and never finished it.

BUT, King is one of those writers I have to admire even though I can't seem to finish anything he's written. Some writers can only write in one genre, or only write a few books in their lifetime. King is neither of those. So much of his work has influenced pop culture and you might not know it. Take a look at everything he's written:


To write as much as King across so many genres is craft at its finest.