jarrett moffatt


Very cool video concept. From what I can tell, Midnight Kids asked fans to send in shots of friends being friends in simpler times:

The 4:3(ish) aspect ratio and the home video vibe makes all these pre-Pandemic memories seem so, so distant; I can feel the pangs of nostalgia in every shot.

Just a reminder of what we've lost and what we hope to gain again.


What's Tropical House?

GQ has this handy guide, but if I could describe it, it's like being inside one of those echo-y tropical houses at night with a neon lazer light show and several species of colourful birds bopping their heads to water dripping at 106 BPM.

Oh. And Vin Diesel is singing.


I've probably listened to this a dozen times already. Tight, tight pop.


So far every Better Off video is a hit in my books, and this anthropomorphized peanut butter and jelly sandwich is no exception.


One of the best music videos I've seen in awhile.

Without the surrealism it's just a kid going through his normal day; punch it up with weird shit and you've got a fun concept.

Plus, the song is killer.


Living is easy with eyes closed Misunderstanding all you see It's getting hard to be someone But it all works out It doesn't matter much to me


Sprawling on the fringes of the city In geometric order An insulated border In between the bright lights And the far unlit unknown

Growing up it all seems so one-sided Opinions all provided The future pre-decided Detached and subdivided In the mass production zone Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone

— Rush, “Subdivisions,” Signals, 1982