All my Deaf Studies book reviews.

A complete list of all the books I've read and reviewed as part of learning American Sign Language

As I've been learning ASL sign language, I've also been studying the history of the Deaf community in America, and learning more about the customs and mores collectively known as “Deaf culture.” I've been reviewing each of these Deaf history and culture books at as I've finished them, and so far had been listing them at the bottom of each new blog entry; but the list is getting so big that I thought I'd finally collect them all up into a blog entry themselves, so that I only need to link to this page once in the future. I'm always looking for recommendations of other good books on Deaf culture and history to read, so please feel free to drop me a line at and let me know of any you don't see listed below.

A Loss for Words, by Lou Ann Walker A Dictionary of American Sign Language on Linguistic Principles, by William Stokoe Inside Deaf Culture, by Carol Padden and Tom Humphries The Mask of Benevolence, by Harlan Lane Train Go Sorry, by Leah Hager Cohen Seeing Voices, by Oliver Sacks The Other Side of Silence, by Arden Neisser Shouting Won't Help, by Katherine Bouton Deaf in America: Voices From a Culture, by Carol Padden and Tom Humphries A Deaf Adult Speaks Out, by Leo Jacobs Don't Just Sign...Communicate!, by Michelle Jay