A new handwritten journal

I started a new journal recently, and it’s an A4-sized one.

I’ve been using an A5 one that’s almost reached capacity, and is a mish-mash of journal entries, planning and to-do lists.

There’s something about starting a new journal. This one has space at the top of each page to write the date, as if inviting one to write at least a full A4 page of writing.

It’s been useful for me to start or end the day with journal writing. There’s something quite special about having a place just for me and me alone.

I might take parts of that journal to be shared, or mulled over, or tugged at. But whatever goes into my handwritten journal is for Jas. It’s like a sacred writing spot.

I let thoughts percolate, tug at threads, find myself writing about everything and nothing at all. Whatever comes out on the page, even if it doesn’t seem it at the time, somehow feels necessary… or at least, helpful.

As someone who does lots of writing that is published, or otherwise shared with others, it’s easy to think of journalling as “Just another writing commitment”.

In a way, though, of all the commitments I have – writing or otherwise – my personal journalling is one of the most important ones to me.

I generally hope to write each day in my journal. If I skip a day here and there there’s no stress, but it’s a practice I’ve been keeping for a few years now – albeit taking breaks from it here and there.

The new journal I've now started is one I’ll enjoying dating and writing in over the days and weeks to come, as new beginnings are solidified in work and life domains, as well as all the messy bits in between.

Here’s to more journalling, to gently making sense of all the “stuff”, and trusting that whatever comes out on the page that morning or evening, is exactly what is supposed to come out.