An afternoon at the tennis

On Friday I woke early as I have been recently, making it to the gym for a morning session before doing my usual drive to the park, walking through it, but this time heading to the train station (iced tea from coffee shop in hand).

Little more than an hour later I was in Wimbledon village, I scouted out a coffee shop (quiet area downstairs – tick, plug socket available – tick), and worked through my to-do list for the day. With some focus and determination, I got through the list in ~ 3 hours (included the bonus items; that’s a day’s work in just 3 hours… it’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it).

I was determined to do a good day’s work and have the choice to head to the Wimbledon grounds at a reasnable time. And so after some more walking, I found myself in the famous “Wimbledon queue”:

I got chatting to some fellow queuers, and before we knew it – far sooner than I had expected at that time – I was in.

I’ve been to Wimbledon before, but never queued at lunchtime; it was only about an hour later that I had reached the front, bought my £27 ground pass, and was in the grounds.

I headed to the cluster of courts you can wander through, catching some doubles’ action, pausing momentarily, before deciding I was quite peckish and bought a tasty pizza after, again, queuing for a few minutes and chatting to some of the staff there in the queue.

I’d decided the match I was going to watch; in times passed I’d have been scurrying around trying to not to miss anything, and hurriedly deciding where to go next. This time I took it easy, secured a seat on Court 12 (a court my Ground Pass ticket allowed me access to, and one that had plenty of seats available), and that’s where I ended up pitching up for the day.

I caught a portion of a mens’ doubles match, before a womens’ single’s match which was the one I was waiting for. I had thought it might go to 3 sets, but the 23-year-old Czech Bouzkova played a great match. It was nice to catch her embracing her team at the end; on these smaller courts, it’s intimate moments on these which you don’t quite get to experience in the same way on the bigger ones.

As well as enjoying the tennis with plenty of room to relax, I got talking to a couple who had sat down near me and were talking gently about all sorts of things. Before we knew it we were chatting away about all sorts – dating apps, independent film, the sunk cost fallacy – and we even stuck around for a good hour after the match; there were rumours that Jamie Murray & Venus Williams’ doubles match could be played on Court 12. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, but nothing was lost and I enjoyed a little more time chatting with Richard and Cassandra.

Shortly after, I headed back on foot through the village to the station and made my way back. A (half)day’s work and an afternoon at the tennis. Not a bad way to end a productive week. 🎾