Frazzled by travel

Today has been a bit of a blur, largely because I've spent lots of time on my laptop, and also because I've not done quite enough daily movement. I've done around 20 minutes of walking but, ideally, I need a good hour of exercise each day, whether that's walking, the gym, or a yoga class. An hour of movement is a great thing for Jas.

I logged back into Reddit today, it took me 3 (possibly even 4) guesses of the correct email address to reset my password and log back in after a couple of years away. In the /blogging subreddit I immediately found someone talking about starting a blog as a sort of diary/journal, and posting things with the view to perhaps writing a memoir. I resonated strongly with everything in that post, and I sent a thoughtful response back. I had a look around other posts, too, and wrote a couple more replies.

I also did a catch-up and coworking with a friend who co-runs the monthly Church hub group I've been going to. He happened to be in my neighbourhood visiting some ex-colleagues, and I took the opportunity to buy him a latte, tell him about my travel plans, and explain why I'm stepping away from the Hub group from now; #1: logistically, it's a little too much for a Wednesday evening right now with the travel factored in (it ends up being late getting up, I then don’t sleep until late, and it throws me and my productivity for the rest of the week), #2: I'm planning on travelling shortly and #3, I explained, I've had a wonderful time exploring my faith through the group but it feels that things have come to a natural end. Whilst I wish there was a better word than 'spiritual', I feel that I'm exactly that... spiritually curious. I've enjoyed being a part of the group and exploring my faith and relationship with God, and I know I'll continue to do so.

Which brings me onto my travel plans. I've decided I want to visit Spain or Portugal for a couple of months, and I've been looking at their respective mainlands and islands. Today I've been diving deep into Valencia, the expat community there (I even rejoined Facebook to join a couple of groups), and various accommodation options. There seems to be lots of availability in May, but accommodation April is looking harder to come by.

I may end up doing a month somewhere else before coming to Valencia... Or deciding to stay for the second month in whichever place I end up in for that first month. I'm excited by the possibilities and sense of adventure, but I'd also quite like to have something secured so my plans feel a little more rooted in reality. 

Here’s to having my feet firmly on the ground somewhere soon, and somewhere sunny ✈️