Gym crowds

It was grey here today so I decided to make a slightly longer journey to what is usually my “afternoon” coffee shop; the one I normally go to is pretty dark inside, even when you sit near the windows, and being Monday I figured it could be pretty busy.

I did some reading whilst on the bus (Mindwandering, by Moshe Bar) and read a particularly poignant extract on “associative thinking” which really resonated:

I got to the “quieter, brighter” coffee shop and, of course, when I got there there was a child making a lot of noise and what looked like a grandparent trying to keep him occupied with some kind of kiddie's TV out loud. You have to laugh a little at the irony.

After getting some writing done, I got started on my new site.

It's the first time I've been back on Wordpress for a while, and I had flashbacks of my time starting various previous blogs on there; taking ages thinking of a name, and choosing a theme, and getting it set up.

This time, I'm trying to embrace a more laid-back approach. I already have a name for the blog, and I took a few minutes to consider themes but I landed on one. I’m still experimenting with the layout, and the sections I’ve written are very early drafts.

But here's what it looks like so far in its (very) embryonic stage:

I then met my dad for lunch, he cycled to me and we walked to Nando's, his Fiido electric bike in tow. With the battery it's a pretty heavy thing to carry down escalators… once we reached the bottom he let me try carrying it, I'd guess it must be around 20kg. At Nando’s we shared a whole chicken between us, though dad gave me ¾ of it. With two portions of spicy rice, I was pretty full.

This afternoon I spoke for over an hour with a blogger I reached out to online whose blog and writing I loved. We talked about all sorts, from the jobs we've had, about our lives as modern-day writers, travel, publishing, and so forth.

After dinner, I felt pretty full and sluggish and fancied a trip to the gym. I've not done an evening workout in months, possibly over a year. Monday evening is really busy at the gym, though it got a little less so as I worked out. It's almost a whole new owe at the gym; there's like a whole different evening-crowd to the daytime-crowd I'm more familiar with. I had a few minutes in the sauna, too.

I'm writing this out in the kitchen whilst my parents watch an episode of Masterchef, and I'm planning on watching the second part of a new Muhammad Ali documentary I started watching last night, before I head to bed.