I started the day with a workout, before settling down to my coffee shop working.

I also tried somewhere different for lunch, one of those casual cafes places with wraps and baguettes and such. I noticed a lot more masks around today, there's those daily updates now being a thing of the past, there's been a surge in COVID cases which has led to things like staff shortages; British Airways cancelled dozens of flights yesterday, adding to the already-manic Easter-holiday-crowds at the airports.

I worked from home this afternoon. I decided to look for a free Pomodoro app for my laptop I could use offline, and found this one. It's neat because it automatically switches from “work” (25 mins) to “break” (5 mins) sessions, so you don’t have to keep pressing ‘start’; the latter accompanied by a gentle metronome to invite you to really take that break. I just checked and you can adjust timings and the # of rounds, too. Simple and effective.

Truth be told, I'm still trying to get better at the whole focus thing. It's a little trying to rein in and gently tame one of those wild horses with a rope (the rope starts out real long to let the horse roam freely, and is gradually shortened to – quite literally – rein it in. I recall one of the free videos on the Headspace app depicting this.

I think this might be a little easier once the new site is up-and-running (getting there), I've found a system for my marketing (getting there), and so my work is somewhat more business-as-usual.

As well as the tomato timer, I was also accompanied by ambient beats and then Kanye West later in the afternoon. I've been listening to his music a lot lately, and discovered some new stuff of his I hadn't heard whilst I was at the gym this morning and listening to a YouTube mix.

His song 'Hurricane' keeps playing in my head. It’s so catchy. Mm-mm-MMM-mm-mm.