Release day: The Divided Selfie LP 🎵

I genuinely haven’t come across a person before like Laurence, or an album like this one.

It’s the second one he’s releasing. Discover Laurence’s story, everything that’s gone into this 10-track LP (mind, body and soul), and more during this 30-minute chat, including:

- How Laurence has laid out this album, in song-pairings as his two creative selves – “Cerulean” and “M.C. Beastly”

- R.D. Laing’s book and how it has both inspired – and been woven into The Divided Selfie LP

- Exploring ideas around recovering around porn addiction to re-discover relationships in the real world (something that speaks to Laurence – and myself – *deeply*)

- Laurence’s near-death experience aged just 11, and how he now frames this

- and more

I’ve been honoured to get to know Laurence over the last couple of years, and experience his music before I know many, many more folks will.

I hope you enjoy experiencing the below conversation as much as I did.

ps. There is only ONE place to listen to this record the way it's best heard, with the A & B side (“Beast side”) paired back-to-back for each of the 5 senses.

Listen on Bandcamp and please consider buying the album. I'll be grabbing my copy in-person at one of his live Summer shows.

Get yours with just a couple of clicks:

👉 🎵

pps. happy launch day Laurence Warner 🙌 Keep smashing it bro!

Raving at the end of our recording after Laurence had played a couple of his tracks. I couldn't help myself! 🎵